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  1. Aidan

    Norwegian Brass Band Championships 2016

    Hi, not sure active this forum is still but I'll post here anyway incase someone might be otherwise missing out! The championships kick off tomorrow and go through to saturday night. A decent, deceivingly difficult but easy on the ears test piece for the championship bands on the friday and a...
  2. Aidan

    Siddis Brass 2014

    Ellos Norway's entertaintment competition, Siddis Brass, kicks off this coming Saturday from Stavanger's new concerthall. As always it'll be streamed live by TV2 Sumo. I think it costs around a fiver for a months subscription...
  3. Aidan

    Reality TV series following Eikanger-Bjørsvik (English subs)

    Ello all, The Norwegian equivalent of the BBC have produced a reality documentary focusing on the Brass Band scene around the Bergen area with Eikanger in the spotlight - "Korpsfiksert" (Brass obsessed). The first two episodes have gone out in Norway and have had a really good reception, both...
  4. Aidan

    SIDDIS Brass 2012

    Ello all, Haven't seen any other thread about this, but then again I'm not around much, so may have overlooked. Tomorrow is SIDDIS Brass, Norway's equivalent of 'Brass in Concert' held in Stavanger. You can find full details of times etc here...
  5. Aidan

    Norwegian Brass Band Championships 2010

    A bit early (not til early feb) but thought I'd get the ball rolling now that most details are out.. Test piece for the elitedivisjon (championship section) is 'Sketches from Nowhere' by Thomas Doss. (His first work for brass band, his second will be the test piece for the 2010 Europeans.)...
  6. Aidan

    Cobb's job.

    Dunno if it's been said anywhere yet, or if it's in the public domain... but awesome congratulations to Phil, absolutely immense!!
  7. Aidan

    The Leyland Band - King Georges Hall, Blackburn - Sat 19th April

    Brass Night at the Proms with the Leyland Band & Honley Male Voice Choir in association with the Rotary Club of Accrington Sat Apr 19, 8pm kick off Tickets: £11, £9, £8 Adults £10, £8, £7 Concessions Available here
  8. Aidan

    Leyland Band - The Corn Exchange, Ipswich - Sat 5th April

    This is the Leyland Band's first visit to Ipswich and proceeds from the concert, which is being presented by the Ipswich Charity Concert Committee, will be divided between The Priory Centre in Queens Way, Ipswich and The King George's Fund for Sailors. Tickets available by phone on 01473...
  9. Aidan

    The Leyland Band - Capitol Threatre, Horsham - Sunday 30th March

    Established in 1946 in the heart of industrial Lancashire as the Leyland Motor Band, taking its name from the then world famous truck and bus maker. Now an independent group of some thirty musicians. The Band have witnessed scores of prize awards at all the major competitions, including...
  10. Aidan

    Tenor Horn, North West/Yorks, Championship

    Name and contact details: Aidan Smith, 07764 482666, Instrument(s) played: Tenor Horn Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: All How much notice do you require: As much as poss Name of your present Band: YBS What section is your present Band in: Championship...
  11. Aidan

    Tenor Horn, Manchester based, Champ - 4th

    Name and contact details,Aidan Smith 07764 482666 Instrument(s) played,Tenor Horn Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for,All How much notice do you require,As much as is possible, pref over 5 days. Name of your present Band,YBS What section is your present Band in,Championship...
  12. Aidan

    la la la..

    i know most peeps who I know/have a number for already know, but its my 21st on wed 5th so going out in manchester on fri 7th, starting at 7pm so if youre about, come and be merry.
  13. Aidan

    Split from Masters 2004

    To find out where YBS, B&R, Fodens and Sellers have drawn, phone Mistress Bocspank on 0989 927946
  14. Aidan


    in case anyone's interested, Pannel will be making a disgrace of himself and the banding movement in general on thurs, BBC4 at 7pm. Yeah well...
  15. Aidan

    Yorkshire Area Champions in Concert

    YBS under MD David King will be performing at Morley Town Hall on Sat 13th March (tomorrow evening) Kick off at 7.30 On the programme is the testpiece Tristan Encounters, which we came 1st with at last week's areas. Come and hear Dave Kings interpretation! 2 of the featured soloists will be...
  16. Aidan

    YBS and Rochdale Borough Youth

    Joint concert with YBS and Rochdale Borough in the Gracie Fields Theatre, Rochdale. Call the Gracie Fields Theatre on 01706 645522 for tickets and further info.
  17. Aidan

    What is your name name?

    Simply click on the reply button below and type in your name, press post, and amazingly it will reveal your name name as a post!!! It really works!!!!! p.s. you have to do it and tell everyone you've ever met about it or you'll get bad luck and no sex life for a million billion trillion years.
  18. Aidan

    tMP chat room

    seeing as we have no real time chat program on the site.. what do you peeps reckon about setting up an irc (internet relay chat.. just a sortof chatroom) channel that we can all pop into from time to time to chat... all you would need is an irc client such as mIRC... what do people reckon??
  19. Aidan

    NEW tMP Manchester Social :D

    14th November!!! 7.30pm!!!! The Moon Under Water!!!! (Wetherspoons, Deansgate.. same starting point as the last one) With EVERYONE from the locality in attendance please. can a mod make this a sticky or announcement or something... im sure everyone has enough notice to scrimp and save...
  20. Aidan

    World Famous Quintet Regroup for Recording!!!

    I am proud to annouce that the world-infamous BrassNeck Quintet have reformed after 8 months (ok ok... we just havnt had a rehearsal in 8 months!) to do a special cd recording for the BBC, after they especially requested our immense talent to be showcased publically.. [/utter_drivel] This is...