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  1. Basses are best

    URGENT 9th Nov 2014

    Band desperately required for Doncaster city council remembers day parade on 9th November 2014. Approx timings 10am till 11.20am. Generous funds available. Please contact Kim Morelli for more details on 01302 734004 or 07933 174547.
  2. Basses are best

    Leicester Contest - Record Entry

    Shepherds played Vivat!
  3. Basses are best

    Leicester Contest - Record Entry

    Shepherd Group won the 1st section :)
  4. Basses are best

    Leicester (Loughborough) contest : Sunday 27th November 2011

    Shepherds played The Essence of Time in the 1st section.
  5. Basses are best

    Paddy's North of England Area - 2011

    Yes you have! I'd forgotten how slick and professional it was till I went back up there to listen! Great venue there in Perth too...although they can't go swimming after the performances!
  6. Basses are best

    Paddy's North of England Area - 2011

    Just noticed that Wansbecks Ashington Colliery are now on the list for the 1st section on the North of England website Were they just missed off before?
  7. Basses are best

    Paddy's Scottish Area - 2011

    Third Section: Saturday 26th February Test Piece: 'A Little Light Music' - Philip Wilby Draw: c16.15hrs Commences: c17.45hrs Adjudicators: Stan Lippeatt and David Read MBE 1. Brass Sounds Inverclyde (Lynda Nicholson) - 189* 2. St. David's Brass (John A Dickson) - 188* 3. Jedforest Instrumental...
  8. Basses are best

    Paddy's North of England Area - 2011

    I think they'll get the average of the previous two years. i.e. 4.5 from 2009 (8 bands entered) and 4 from 2010 (7 bands entered). It'll be a very short contest this year...
  9. Basses are best

    Paddy's North of England Area - 2011

    Or how about disbanding the whole region? Send some up to Scotland, some to the North West and some to Yorkshire...
  10. Basses are best

    Miners Gala 2009 - Who's going

    Buckhaven and Methil Miners Band are representing Scotland. My old band so I'm looking forward to catching up with them!
  11. Basses are best

    Easingwold March Contest 2007

    As one of the basses - thankyou very much! Was my first Easingwold but I'm sure it won't be my last - a good day out.
  12. Basses are best

    Whit Friday Results

    Full results now up for Saddleworth at Enjoy. *not me that put them there!
  13. Basses are best

    Official tMP North of England Regional 2007 thread

    Anyone know how many bands get promoted/relegated from each section? Is it two up/two down?
  14. Basses are best

    Youth bands for the North of England Region

    Granted we - Shepherd Group Band - are in the first section this year but we have both a begginers band, a concert band and a senior band.
  15. Basses are best

    Shepherd Building Group Brass Band - York

    The band's now looking for a percussionist to complete a top class line up. All principle position seats permanently filled!! Upcoming events include Joseph Rowntree Theatre and Theatre Royal, York.
  16. Basses are best

    Fife Charities Band Association Contest 2006

    From what I can gather, it was a case of money.
  17. Basses are best

    Shepherd Building Group Brass Band - York

    After a successful 'Have a Blow' day, the band has swelled it's beginners band ranks which bodes well for the future of the band. We have also filled most seats around the band and we're now just on the look out for any bass players and a bass trombone. Anyone interested in filling these...