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  1. bassinthebathroom

    Please...Help us get to Brass in Concert!

    Just tell the contest you're not going any more. Sure they'll cover your costs... (if you encounter any issues, just cite precedent)...
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    Paddy's Albert Hall - 2012

    Thanks Paul! Mr Farr thought we were a bit dominant, but you can't please everyone all the time! After such a successful year, we're obviously a bit disappointed with our result but our performance just didn't find much favour - that's contesting! What a great experience for the nine national...
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    Fleetwood Contest October 7th

    I am very much looking forward to conducting Lostock Hall in the third section. :)
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    Brass Band Registry taking industrial action against BFBB

    Perhaps this will eventually lead to the end of this restrictive and frankly arcane system! It does seem that the BFBB are behaving in a very unprofessional way though, but I'm sure we will hear the flip side of the story from them soon!
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    Bugle Contest

    Although not sure who 'corrected' my spelling of Camborne! :tongue:
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    Bugle Contest

    They look like mine from twitter - @IainMcKnight, used #webf2012 (to give the contest its official initials!)... all the placings are accurate, not 100% on the points! Full results, including secondary piece at
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    Lostock Hall Memorial Band - NW, 3rd section - solo cornet/trombone/percussion

    Lostock Hall Memorial Band (North West, 3rd section) under the co-Musical Directorship of Graham Martin and Iain McKnight are currently looking to appoint players to the following positions: Solo Cornet (principal position for right applicant) Trombone (either tenor or bass) Percussion...
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    City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) Band - contact

    Yes, saw that. Was hoping for a named contact... obviously don't expect personal contact details to be posted here, but if anyone does have a name and email could they PM me? Many thanks.
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    City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) Band - contact

    Hi, Does anyone have a contact email please for secretary or chairman or similar for this band please? Thanks in advance!
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    English Nationals 2012

    Really?!? I suggest a jaunt through the pages of the charity commission website. There's only one band, I would speculate, on that list who can afford to pay for the trip today from their available funds, with perhaps a couple more who would need to 'cap in hand' to their paymasters. Other than...
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    Paddy's North-West Area - 2012

    Being the professional I am, Andy, I was up and ready for work early doors this morning! They didn't half clear the complex fast, though. Bar shut double quick while we were on stage having photos etc. Still, we went over the road and had some water-free beer. What a bind!
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    Paddy's Uni Brass - 2012

    I'm covering the event for BBW, and on the music list I've been forwarded, there are only 12 bands (no Edinburgh), so this may well be the case?
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    Paddy's Yeovil Entertainments - 2012

    Made up for St Austell on a great result. 4th place is, I know they won't mind me saying, far above what most people expected from them and I know they're delighted with it... it'll be a fun few hours on the coach as they travel back down to Cornwall! There's a certain magic that Mr Evans brings...
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    Classic FM Hall of Fame 2012

    We were delighted to get into the chart last year with our recording of Penlee, but I can't honestly say I've been made aware of another broadcast of the piece other than in the original chart broadcast at Easter. This is despite it being the highest new entry, regardless of genre. If someone...
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    Ha 4br lost the plot

    Dave says :tup I hope the 4br guys don't clock some of the negative vibes on this thread - they'd go apes**t... maybe.
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    Anyone know of 'O Magnum Mysterium' for band...?

    I think it was a photo from the open actually, maybe 2009? Anyway now has Mr Evans' famous "bierkeller-waltz-hands-in-the-air" shot on the front, so he'll be happy! :) Pre-ordered my copies, when are they due to come out?
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    Ha 4br lost the plot

    On the contrary... they usually publish anything! I know of stories that have been entirely fabricated, and still made it on to the site! Have you tried including a tenuous Welsh connection? :)
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    Brass in Concerts 2011 Bands

    Thanks, Garry. Sunday was the best I felt the band has played at BIC in my own 5 appearances. We had a long look at the format and decided that the balance of points on offer for music vs entertainment meant good music played well would be the priority, so the vaudeville numbers, frilly...
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    Paddy's British Open - 2011

    I'll have a tenner each way at those odds... or six months' retainer, whichever is greater... :rolleyes:
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    Thornton leaves Leyland

    Seems a bit unnecessary to drag Wingates' name into it. Not really sure what point you're making there?