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  1. fitzy

    Sold/Expired New Webpage for Brass Musos world wide

    Hi All, There is a new site to view music related clips and interviews. It is At the moment there are clips of Mnozil Brass live in Melbourne Australia, the Brisbane Excelsior Band current Australian A Grade champions, Wycliffe Gordon, David Childs and the Australian...
  2. fitzy

    Ashes 2006-07

    And England have blown it in the second test in Adelaide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we go.................................
  3. fitzy

    Melbourne International Festival of Brass

    Hi all, Check this out. A fantastic week of brass music down under.
  4. fitzy

    New Yamaha Xeno Soprano Cornet

    I was wondering if anyone has tried out a new Yamaha Xeno sop cornet? It has been hard to get one down my end of the world and I have been asked to try one out for a band but I won't have access to one till Easter. I would appreciate the thoughs of anyone who has tried one. Thanks,
  5. fitzy

    Hawthorn Band- Melbourne Australia

    Australias premier band is looking for some Bb cornets, a trombone and a euphonium. If you are heading down under for a time or are already down here and are interested, pm me for more info.
  6. fitzy

    Hi from Down Under

    Hi, I'm Mark and I'm from Australia. I spend WAY too much time on here for my own good but I can't help it! I am a music student most of the time but I do a fair bit of freelance trumpet playing with the professional orchestras down here. I play soprano with my band (Hawthorn) and I have...
  7. fitzy

    Logging Out

    I have just started using Firefox and it won't let me log out from fitzy. Please help!! Fitzy's GF
  8. fitzy

    Haydn Trumpet Concerto- Trills

    I'm playing the Haydn trumpet concerto in Eb at the moment and I'm trying to decide once and for all how the trills should be played. I have one of my teachers telling me that they should be played from the note. ie: f to g, and my other teacher (who I agree with more) to trill from the note...
  9. fitzy

    Hawthorn Band-Australia

    Hawthorn Band are seeking expressions of interest from experienced brass band performers of: Cornets Flugel Horn Euphonium Percussion Hawthorn Band is a highly successful, active and friendly “A grade” brass band based in Melbourne, Australia. For more information and contact details...
  10. fitzy

    Composition title suggestions

    I'm commissioning Naomi (Naruco) to write me a piece for soprano and band but I need to give her a title... I'm stuck for one.... any suggestions? It's going to be a lively piece with a nice slow section (I hope!) If we get a few good ones, I will run a poll to find the favourite!
  11. fitzy

    Australian Chamber Brass Ensemble Concert, 8th of April 2005

    The Australian Chamber Brass Ensemble will be performing at the Castlemaine State Festival at 8pm on Friday April 8 at the Castlemaine Town Hall. Australian Chamber Brass Ensemble: Great Symphony & Opera Classics in Brass Castlemaine Town Hall. 27 Lyttleton St Ticket Prices: $28 $25 $23...
  12. fitzy

    Hawthorn Band in Concert

    Defending Australian National "A" Grade Champions, the Hawthorn Band, will be presenting a concert in conjunction with Boroondara Brass at the Camberwell Salvation Army Hall in Bowen Street, Camberwell (Melways 59 K3) featuring performances of the pieces the bands will be playing at the...
  13. fitzy

    Anyone else into Formula 1?

    Just wondering if there are any other tMpers who where into F1 racing. The Australian GP is on this weekend and there are heaps of people in town for it. I have to say I am fairly biased towards Mark Webber..........................
  14. fitzy

    Fish Association Thread

    Well we all know how these things work by now so here goes! Trout
  15. fitzy

    Hawthorn Band New MD

    The Hawthorn Band is proud to anounce that Howard Ward is thier new MD. I will post the official press release as soon as I can.
  16. fitzy

    Australia pull out of World Champs

    The Australian National Band has officially pulled out of the World Champs in July. It is a shame but all of us down here have learnt a lot from the experience. Details: I will just have to try to get over for the British Open! ;)
  17. fitzy

    David Gemmell books

    Anyone else in here read David Gemmell?
  18. fitzy

    Harry Potter- Book 6

    Just a quiery. Has anyone heard anything about the 6th Potter book? I finished the 5th today and I was just wondering...........................
  19. fitzy

    Australian Open Tennis

    Is anyone else watching or keeping tabs on the Australian Open? I know Henman is out but there have been some great games! Its also being held down the road from me ;)
  20. fitzy

    Games in Arcade

    Just a quick enquiery. Are we going to get some more new games in Arcade in the future?