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  1. Trigger

    How many brass bands are there in the UK?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know how many brass bands there are in the UK? I know that there are over 500 bands registered at the BBBR, but does anyone know the number including unregistered bands? :-)
  2. Trigger

    Please Help! Purely Hypothetical

    Hi everyone - I am a student in my final year of uni and I was hoping that I could get some feedback from you on a hypothetical brass band website for one of my projects. If any of you could spare a couple of minutes to answer short questions at the bottom of this post and fill in the poll...
  3. Trigger

    What colour are tennis balls? Yellow, or green?

    Hi there. I have been having this argument with my boyfriend for a while now, over the colour of a tennis ball (I promise we're not as sad as it sounds). I know that tennis balls can come in all colours e.g. orange, cream, white etc, but it's the "normal" tennis balls. Now I think that they...
  4. Trigger

    What's the Best Pet Ever?

    Ok what is everyone's favourite pet? My favourite pets are budgies!! They are so much fun, you can teach them to talk and whistle and dive bomb people you don't like. And they don't make hardly any mess (just a few feathers and occasionally they poo on your head from the lampshade as you walk...
  5. Trigger

    Most talented/sexy footballer?

    Can't do a poll, because there is quite obviously too many!! For guys- who is the best footballer? For the girls- who is the most sexy? :wink: Just wondered really :?: :!: (don't think this has been done before, but I'm sure the mods will lock it if it has) :wink: :D
  6. Trigger

    Well done Dan and Staines!!!

    Well done to my big sister Dan on winning her first L&SC contest with Staines!! And well done to all members of Staines Band!! :D :D
  7. Trigger

    Vibrato or not?

    What do people think about the use of vibrato? I mean, I personally prefer a little vibrato, because it gives the tone a certain quality. But I was discussing this with my music teacher the other day and he doesn't really like it and said that I should play the note straight. I can do it both...
  8. Trigger

    Is tMP Addictive??

    Well is tMP addictive? Is it just me, or do others find that they are late for things, not getting their work done etc, because they are always on tMP?
  9. Trigger

    Do you suffer from post area blues??

    I haven't had my area yet, but the build up and the weekend away is such a laugh that it's horrible going back to normality afterwards. Just wanted to know if others suffer from post area blues? :(
  10. Trigger

    Are young peoples opinions valid?

    I don't know if this has already been a topic, being only a Newbie, but I was once told by someone, whilst discussing various subjects to do with brass bands, that I should not give my opinion, because I am only twenty years old and therefore have not experienced enough to know what I'm talking...