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    It's been a while.............

    Thought I might have a snoop around.
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    Is it just me

    Who finds it very ironic that Ronnie Biggs gets released on a day when there are no trains running in East Anglia?
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    Charity Concert, Sheringham, Norfolk

    On Thursday 28th May 2009 one of the leading & most entertaining Brass Bands in East Anglia will be performing a Charity Concert at Sheringham Little Theatre. The Cawston Band, fresh from their 5-trophy haul at the 2009 East Anglian Brass Band Association Championships, will be performing the...
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    Northfleet Brass Contact?

    Does anybody have some contact details for Northfleet Brass. I have an email address but appear to be getting no response. Anyone have a telephone number? Thanks
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    Cawston Band appoint new Musical Director

    The Cawston Band is pleased to announce the appointment of their new Musical Director, Leigh Sharpe. Leigh initially joined the band as Principal Cornet in October 2007. Although not a native of Norfolk, he began his musical journey as a 12-year-old with Poulton-le-Fylde Brass Band, Leigh...
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    Resignation of Cawston Band Musical Director

    The Cawston Band is saddened to announce the resignation of long-standing Musical Director, Colin Swaep. Colin joined the band in 2001 and has led the band into the 1st section for the only time in their 123-year history. Other highlights of Colins’ tenure included: Qualification to the...
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    New arrivals at Cawston

    New arrivals at Cawston Norwich based Cawston Band are delighted to announce the newest member of its fan club. Flugel player Catherine Peck and her husband Mark (Eb Bass) are now the proud parents of a baby boy. Nathaniel Rai Peck came into the world at 5:30 am on Tuesday 11th November...
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    Brass Band Registry & Child Protection

    Many bands these days, and rightly so, now have policies in place to protect children whilst at band. However if a player, who is on the sex offenders joins a band with no children or youth band they are of course, one would assume, entitled to do so. What if then that band goes to a contest...
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    Laptop Advice

    I have been given a Sony Vaio Laptop by my boss, who has bought himself a new one. It works fine, only problem is he has partioned the hard drive, this he did to separate his personal stuff from work stuff. Trouble is now I am putting my photos and music on I am getting a low disk space...
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    Why do people repeat information already posted?

    Here is something that bugs me. Now I know that we all try to be lovely and helpful here in tMP land. I know that as I recevied some superb help yesterday with a query I had. However it really annoys me when after somebody has raised a question, a person has replied with information, then...
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    Hymn Tune Help.....!!!

    Need some urgent assistance with advice on a couple of hymn tunes that are needed for a service on Sunday. The 2 I am having problems with are as follows: 1) Tell Out my Soul (The minister thinks the tune is Woodland?) 2) From Heaven you came helpless baby (The minister thinks this is...
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    Fuel costs making you think about missing band?

    Listening to the news this morning oil has risen to a new high of $140 a barrel, with reports it could rise to $175 during the summer. Obviously this will have the normal effect on fuel costs at the pumps. Now, I play in a band that rehearse twice a week, and its approx 16 mile round trip...
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    A Busy summer ahead for Cawston

    With the contest season behind them Norwich based Cawston Band are now looking forward to a busy summer with several highlights. First will be an all day rehearsal with the notable and dynamic musical director Richard Evans, who will be taking Cawston through their paces for the day, working on...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Was it just me who found his penalty miss just ever so slightly funny last night? I know they are an English club and I should want them to do well. I also know that Ronaldo is a very gifted player. But after all his cheating and diving (I know he is not the only one) and the way he gloated...
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    Arsenal End of Season Dinner

    Anybody on here fancy going? ARSENAL F.C. End of Season Dinner Dance Starter Egg on Face Seasoned Hash Frogs legs (past their best) Spanish Surprise (well beaten) Main course...
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    Your chance to develop the future of tMP

    As a member of tMp now for some time I have always enjoyed the debate / banter whatever you want to call it. However just recently this enjoyment has decreased due to what I (and maybe others too!) see as ‘over sensitive’ moderating. For me part of debating is that there will be conflicting...
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    New Principal Cornet for Cawston Band

    Cawston Band is delighted to publicly announce the appointment of a new Principal Cornet. Max Clarke, who joined the band just less than 3 years ago, has taken the role. Max joined the band having previously played for Castleton Brass, Hilgay Silver and Dereham Bands. Despite advertising for...
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    Who has been to Paphos

    Off on my hols shortly and we are going to Paphos, Cyprus. Never been there before so could do with any tips on places to eat / drink / vist (or even to avoid). Going self catering so will be looking for different places each night so any advice and an idea on what I might have to pay would...
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    To me this is not right

    Without getting into the politics behind this I feel the entire principle is wrong. With maybe the odd exception people voted for the honourable ? gentleman as he was their Conservative candidate. Not because people liked his face. Now it seems he wishes to switch alleigance and the people...
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    Dawn Rollins

    It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the untimely and tragic death of Dawn Rollins. Dawn played cornet with the Dereham Band for many years and was also a past Chairperson of the band. Dawn also enjoyed playing and helping out other bands and for many years had played with...