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  1. Moy

    Paddy's National Youth Championships - 2011

    Well done Mike and Carnoustie.
  2. Moy

    David James RIP.

    Thanks Kirsty for posting times etc. Have heard the free bus may longer run - sorry. You probably will not be surprised to hear how busy we have been kept keeping up with all the messages on facebook, tMP, hotmail, msn etc I know all the messages have helped Rita get through this very tough...
  3. Moy


    Love facebook and am addicted to facebook and farmtown.:clap:
  4. Moy

    Windows 7 is here!

    sibelius 6 Just got a new PC which has Windows 7 love it. Just got a new version of Sibelius 6 and it's not liking Windows 7. See some of you say it works well - what am I doing wrong? Have done the upload or whatever to 6.1 but still not completely ok yet. Help please :-?
  5. Moy

    2009 British Open

    ll I can say is all my non brass band pals will laughing at us. Why do we always shoot ourselves in the foot. This is why the wider orchestral scene laugh at brass band contests. If any more amunition is needed read this thread.:(
  6. Moy

    French Horns.....

    I am teaching a higher horn pupil who has come up to me from another area. She is playing on a single horn and she tells me her teacher told her to play it on the Bb side. Horn is a single and has tuning slides to change horn to F Horn. Anyway on asking about here in our area have been told...
  7. Moy

    Scottish Regional Championships - 2009

    Yeh Andrew great result for Mike and the band. So pleased for them all.
  8. Moy

    Weird results or what?

    Well did play with Bon Accord conduct Bon Accord B and also conducted Turriff. Finished my banding at Granite City. Unless I come out of band retirement when I get to work retirement that is . :)
  9. Moy

    St Andrews Uni tuba player - looking for a band

    I have a tuba player Eb/Bb going to St Andrews Uni after summer. Any band looking for tuba player? He bought a Bb but is good on Eb as well. Did advanced higher music and passed. All in 1 year. He wants to play in a brass band - good lad - well trained lol Will require transport.
  10. Moy

    Weird results or what?

    Something has gone wrong somewhere - results according to Section 2 Saturday 21 March Draw: 12.45pm Commences: Approximately 2.15pm Adjudicators: Kevin Wadsworth and Lt. Col. Graham Jones MBE Results 1. Arbroath Instrumental (M. Robertson), 1, 176 2. Annan Town (APD) (D...
  11. Moy

    Alliance mouthpieces

    No pocket for music but excellent EXPANDING pocket for when need to carry a mute. Obviously more than enough room for mouthpiece, clothes etc
  12. Moy

    Alliance mouthpieces

    Got the gold plated Alliance/Prestige horn mouthpiece and the great gigbag from the Alliance site. The best gigbag I have ever had. Excellent. Going to give the mouthpiece a try for a few months to see if I like it before I comment though.
  13. Moy

    O Harmony - quartet

    Loved the piece and also Euryanthe ( think thst's what it is called)
  14. Moy

    harry stanway late of fodens, faireys

    My pal Ritas dad was the Charlie Cook you speak about. Her mum (Charlies wife) is still alive. I am sure Rita might be able to find things out if you still need info etc.
  15. Moy

    Tenor Horn Pricing

    Will ask but don't think he'll pay that.
  16. Moy

    Are 4 valve baritones really all that bad?

    Please don't say that - just bough a new horn and that's my last. No 4th valve needed - we can lip notes in tune anyway. Now that thePprestige and York have triggers that should make life easier anyway.
  17. Moy

    Tenor Horn Pricing

    Can ask Richard if he might be interested in buying for the Shire. Any idea on what price you're looking for?
  18. Moy

    Tenor Horn Pricing

    No sorry didn't read all the posts go ahead with ebay. Might even try my sov on it.
  19. Moy

    Tenor Horn Pricing

    No way will you get that much. I have been quoted £800 for my Sovereign which is newer and a better instrument. Best selling privately.
  20. Moy

    Pontins 2009

    Yeh well done Ben - remember that duet Kirsty????