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  1. Seedhouse

    Do you ever...

    ... read through your old posts on tMP from years ago, and think that you wrote a lot of tosh!? Lol! :D I've just read some of mine from about 3/4 years ago, and i'm embarrassed... lol!
  2. Seedhouse

    Euphonium Player; Looking for a band

    Hi guys, currently looking for a band- thought i'd ask the lovely folk on tMP! ;) I'm a Euphonium player, currently in my 2nd Year at the RNCM, so bands about an hour/ hour and a half away from Manchester via train would be ideal. I'd be ideally looking for a Championship section or 1st...
  3. Seedhouse

    Sold/Expired - new Sales site for!

    Recently launched on the 22nd October, is a brand new sales section for, jointly run by both Steve Mead and Pat Stuckemeyer. Entitled 'Just for Brass' (, the site will sell various products ranging from cd's, sheet music, mouthpieces, gig bags and much more...
  4. Seedhouse

    BBC Young Brass Soloist 2007

    Hi guys, could someone provide a link to where the form is for this years entries... been on the Beeb site, but can't seem to find it anywhere :confused: Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  5. Seedhouse

    Sold/Expired Steven Mead cd's available on iTunes!

    Taken from Steven Mead's recent releases on his own new label "Bocchino Music" are now available for purchase on iTunes. Titles include "Euphonium Magic", "Brassin' Mozart 2006", "Bella Italia", "Euphonium Virtuoso", and...
  6. Seedhouse

    Sold/Expired Steven Mead- World of the Euphonium Vol. 5

    A bit of PR for those that are interested... ;) Released today is Steven Mead's 5th cd in the World of the Euphonium Series, has some fantastic repertoire on, and have ordered mine just now :D "As with the other albums in the series it features Steve with piano, but with a few surprises...
  7. Seedhouse

    Shoichiro Hokazono- Aspirations

    Hi guys, didn't know whether anyone could help me locate a supplier (or somewhere to buy it from!) of the cd "Shoichiro Hokazono- Aspirations" in the UK, have had a search but have ended up resultless!!! Cheers ;)
  8. Seedhouse

    Swansea Summer Course

    Hi guys, just wondered if anyone was going on the Swansea Summer Course in two weeks time- how the years flown by! :eek: Will be my 4th/5th (:rolleyes:) year there, should be really good! :biggrin:
  9. Seedhouse

    Bass Clef tutors

    I'm in need of a good Bass Clef tutor (for Euphonium). I've worked through Tune A Day book one, and book two, and I don't feel like i've got anywhere! Can anyone recommend any good books- need to get it all covered over Summer before RNCM starts in Sept, thanks :oops:
  10. Seedhouse

    David Childs- Proms last year?

    Didn't know if anyone knew where I could get a recording of the Proms performance David did of the Euph Concerto "The Sunne Rising " by Alun Hoddinott, that he did with orchestra? Cheers :)
  11. Seedhouse

    Black marks down bell!?

    Hi guys, recently found some concerning black marks that are in a kind of spit dribble running down the inside of my new Euph's bell, and however much scrubbing I do- washing up liquid/ silver cloth, they don't come out... anyone know what they are/ or how to approach getting them out??? Cheers,
  12. Seedhouse

    Breaking News: Buffet Crampon completes purchase of Besson

    Front page news in British Bandsman this morning! Don't know if i'm allowed to type up the article for copyrighting so i'll await a nod from a mod! :oops: ;) ... read more in the British Bandsman. Certainly very interesting now that they own both Courtois and Besson...!!! :-?
  13. Seedhouse

    Mp3 to Car adaptors

    Hi guys, i'm trying to find an mp3 to car stereo adaptor that isn't a tape version. Haven't a clue where to look, but if anyone could help it'd be much appreciated!!! :icon_rolleyes: Cheers! :icon_wink:
  14. Seedhouse

    A BIG tMP hug for Mumsie...!

    Mumsie isn't very well! :( She was coughing and splurting all the way through the Hathern concert tonight, get well soon! :D ... and also (mainly!) because she's been so busy with her mod duties, she realised halfway through the concert that she'd put on odd shoes!!! One dark Navy and one...
  15. Seedhouse

    Windows 98 SE (special edition)

    Hi guys, i'm currently having problems with installing the Internet Connection Sharing wizard onto my computer, because for some reason it can't find the relevant files on my Windows 98 SE (special edition) cd's, if anyone has 98 and wouldn't mind helping me out, could you please PM me/ add me...
  16. Seedhouse

    PC problem- Network Interface Card

    Hi guys- any computer whizzes online!? a) I need to know if my PC has a Network Interface Card for Xbox Live- how do I find this out!? b) where's the best place to buy an Ethernet cable to connect my PC to my Xbox 360!? Cheers Alex
  17. Seedhouse


    Hi guys, just opened up a personal paypal account and just wanted to check whether it was a free service or not!??!?! Couldn't see it anywhere, and don't really want to be charged to use it! A speedy response would be fantastic pleeeease! :D
  18. Seedhouse

    "Search" not working

    Hi guys, is it just my Firefox playing up or is the tMP "search" function not working :confused: :( Keeps coming up with a tMP page not found error message!!!
  19. Seedhouse

    Microsoft- Xbox 360

    For those of you who know what i'm talking about, this will make a whole lot more sense to you than those that don't (thus why it's in Random Chat ;) ) Being a bit of a games console boffin, i've pre-ordered my Xbox 360 a few weeks back (not as early as I'd have liked), but am now concerned...
  20. Seedhouse

    Pyschological block!!!

    Hi guys, For a while i've had a "psychological block" when going for Upper Register notes (namely C and up!), and with all other facets of my playing being absolutely fan-diddly-tastic it is clear that this is the big factor letting me down! I can get up there, so it's not a playing problem...