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  1. Matthew

    For Sale: BBb Tuba

    See link: Yamaha Neo BBb Tuba (4-valves) | eBay PM to discuss, thanks. :)
  2. Matthew

    Stuck 1st Valve Slide

    My poor Neo BBb is suffering from a seized 1st valve slide and I can’t budge it. Any tested methods or ideas to safely move it? It’s my own fault for neglecting the poor thing. I may otherwise have to resort to finding a Tuba doctor in Yorks to help. :) Thanks all!
  3. Matthew

    BBb available this week (West Yorks)

    Hi all, Looking for a band to sit in this week for an informal blow on BBb in West Yorks - any section is fine. :) Drop me a PM if interested!
  4. Matthew

    Yamaha Neo BBb Tuba (For Sale)

    In lacquer and about 4-years of age and lovely condition, barely used (due to time constraints!), slight/minor marks to bottom bow (small scratch to area) + tiny 'pin' dent (makes no difference cosmetically/playing-wise). Selling for £5995 (payment to be received via immediate BACS on...
  5. Matthew

    Sold/Expired BBb Tuba 'Flugel'

    Not mine, but saw this on eBay! Cracking isn't it, but what on earth would you do with it?! :D One Of A Kind Custom Built Forward Facing Hawkes/Besson BBb Tuba With 24" Bell ! | eBay
  6. Matthew

    Lung warning for wind musicians

    Interesting article today: 'Bagpipe lung' warning for wind musicians - BBC News
  7. Matthew

    Ronnie Corbett

    Very saddened to see Ronnie Corbett has passed away today. The 2nd half of a truly remarkable duo with the Two Ronnies. :( Ronnie Corbett, best known for The Two Ronnies, dies aged 85 - BBC News
  8. Matthew

    EEb Bass available

    Any second, third or fourth section bands looking for a EEb bass player? Ideally West Yorks, or South Yorks depending on mileage. Or wind bands too. Ideally looking for 1 practice weekly, 2 ok if not miles away. Looking to resurrect my EEb lip from BBb for a change. ;) Drop me a PM. :)
  9. Matthew

    BBb Player

    Any Champ/1st or 2nd Section bands in West Yorkshire (can't go further afield at the moment) needing a BBb Tuba? I can only commit to 1 rehearsal a week though, more if availability is there. Drop me a PM. :)
  10. Matthew

    1st/Champ Section band - West Yorks (BBb Bass)

    I'm considering a change of pace to get back into higher level section banding. Got my own BBb Tuba and can commit to most nights of practice, although Monday's are particularly difficult due to work commitments (lots of bands seem to practice on a Monday!). So, anyone looking in my area for...
  11. Matthew

    Tuba Gig Bag - Yamaha Neo

    Hello all, I'm on the look out for a quality gig bag to fit my Yamaha Neo BBb, any suggestions please? I've researched a few already, but without seeing them in person it's difficult to judge. Needs to fit the 19.5" bell and give good protection. Happy to pay more for decent quality. Also on...
  12. Matthew

    Protecting new tuba from scratches?

    Does anyone have any good ideas on how I can protect the bottom bow of my new lacquered Neo BBb and the bell rim (in particular)? These points are most prone to scratching/damage (via placing on the floor) - I've already picked up some minor blemishes on the bow, despite careful handling...
  13. Matthew

    BBb/EEb Tuba Player Available (West Yorkshire)

    BBb and EEb Tuba player available throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas. Happy to play in any section and will require a reasonable fee/expenses - as much notice as possible please. Also available to play in smaller ensembles and Wind Bands as well as Brass Bands (currently registered with...
  14. Matthew

    Yamaha Neo BBb Tuba - Bore Size?

    Can anyone confirm what the bore size is of the Yamaha Neo BBb Tuba please? Can't seem to find this anywhere and would like to compare with Besson/York and other Rotary models. Thanks! :)
  15. Matthew

    Sold/Expired 2nd Hand Yamaha Neo - BBb Tuba

    Anyone got a 2nd hand one of these for sale? If so, please PM details and price you're looking for. :)
  16. Matthew

    Sold/Expired Wessex EEb Tuba

    Wessex EEb Tuba (Lacquer), no marching rings - just over 5 months old, flawless condition (not even been out of the house yet!). Selling as don't require an EEb at the moment and space is tight! :cool: These are currently new at £2,320, details here:
  17. Matthew

    Musty smell from Tuba

    Now then this isn't from an old pair of socks down the bell or an old cheese buttie that's got lost. ;) I have a band BBb Tuba; when I got it originally, it needed a darn good clean up. After replacing all the valve guides/springs/dampeners etc and washing it through in the bath with soap (much...
  18. Matthew

    Prices to replate a tuba?

    Does anyone have a rough idea of the cost to replate an EEb or BBb Tuba in silver plate? Also, is it possible to change silver plate to lacquered? Any recommendations for repairers in the UK much welcomed. Thanks! :)
  19. Matthew

    Sold/Expired BBb Bass - Individual Parts

    I'm after some individual copies of BBb Bass band parts (mainly Championship/1st Section level standard test pieces) for home practice purposes. I don't want to commit copyright theft and end up in clink, etc, so happy to buy the original parts or purchase legally online and download/print if...
  20. Matthew

    Sold/Expired Mouthpiece Replating

    Hello. :) Who can recommend any mouthpiece replaters out there? Looking to get some old ones redone (not plastic covering). Yorkshire area or further afield if it can be posted... Thanks all. :D