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  1. BOB_

    repeated vowels thread

    on a very similar note to fee fee's one vowel thread you can still only use on vowel but the vowel has to repeat itself i.e. STRENGTHLESSNESSES
  2. BOB_

    league or union

    As a giants fan i can't get enough rugby league but i can't realy follow rugby union. Are there any more league supporters out there or does everybody follow the sports which are more successfull e.g. football:?:
  3. BOB_

    hi from huddersfield

    Hi im BOB_ formaly called Dean i play the Bb bass for sellers youth and for Kirklees youth brass (kybb) although i am playing Bass in the ballroom on the Eb at kybb and i play Eb bass fom my local wind band. Im 17 i enjoy swimming, sailing and scouting though banding is my life. i didnt have a...