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  1. andyh

    Why did you stop?

    I stopped playing in the late 70's, went to Uni as a mature student. I now know that there were brass bands near my Uni but I had no clue then. Marriage and kids got priority after that and I was eventually persuaded to try again in 2001 and have been with the same band ever since. Arthritis is...
  2. andyh

    Tinnitus problem

    I have hearing aids which are programmed to "fill in" a couple of low points in my hearing frequency range caused by industrial hearing damage. I also have tinnitus, which varies in volume and can be worse if I'm tired or stressed. I don't think sitting on the front row makes it worse, if...
  3. andyh


    That's great, glad it worked for you!
  4. andyh


    Julian Here's a method that was worked out for me by one of our members who was a retired engineer... 1. One person holds the cornet firmly upright on a table (ie on its valve bases). Use a thick towel under it. They should have a thin screwdriver in hand if possible. 2. Second person...
  5. andyh


    I wouldn't worry about that at this stage. See if you like a Professional at Phil Parkers first. I bet you come away with a Sov or a Xeno ;-) Andy
  6. andyh


    I can agree with much of the above save that I once had a post-lottery Prestige and whilst a lovely instrument, it was too difficult to tune with the worm-gear on the main tuning slide - I believe later ones are different. I can recommend also the York Eminence (not the Preference - I didn't...
  7. andyh

    Canterbury Brass (Christchurch - New Zealand) - Vacancies

    I'm sure Canterbury Brass will forgive me for mentioning that New Zealand, especially South Island, is a beautiful part of the world to live, especially if you value clean air, uncrowded roads and fantastic scenery. I'm sure now that the Christchurch re-building program is under way there will...
  8. andyh

    6 letters game

    Bought A Ton Of New Sausages F L A K E S
  9. andyh

    Comeback Player Stories?

    I played all through my high school years and for 2 or 3 years after that. I was never very good (I've never had any formal lessons). Then I had a 25-year layoff while college, family life etc took priority. Since restarting 10 years ago I'm a much better player than I was before the layoff...
  10. andyh

    York eminence cornet main tuning slide trigger

    Actually, you're all wrong. The purpose of the main slide trigger is simply so you can bend a tuning note and create a horrendous dischord when the MD is trying to tune the band. Of course, this may result in a smack upside the head ;-) Andy
  11. andyh

    York eminence cornet main tuning slide trigger

    Mine will 'catch' occasionally but I find the trick is to keep it clean and lightly oiled. The best stuff I've found is Websters Tuning Slide Oil - I also use it on the other triggered slide. I also push the slide in after using the cornet, so the inner never gets chance to dry out and tarnish...
  12. andyh

    Yamaha Silent Brass

    Yes mine works OK - I do find that some headphones don't work as well as the provided ear-buds though. You might have a newer model than mine but I do get a red LED showing when it has power (mine is an early model). I've been able to feed audio in (to play along with test piece cds for example)...
  13. andyh

    Mouthpiece advice

    Mouthpiece choice is intensely personal; what works for one person won't work for another but having said that if you've moved to the cornet back row I might suggest you try a Denis Wick 3. I would avoid the Heritage range for now; good as they are you might find the rim a little thin having...
  14. andyh

    Mouthpiece modification

    I have a Heritage 3b and a DW RW3b (that's the Roger Webster Dw3b) in front of me now and the diameter of the rim seems the same. The main difference is that the depth of the rim from front to back is very much smaller and where the backbore of the RW3b starts to slope in the Heritage is very...
  15. andyh

    Mouthpiece modification

    Hmm. I used to play on a McCann so I know what you mean. I've since been more comfortable on a DW Heritage 3. I wonder if you've considered that ? Andy
  16. andyh

    Thank-you Fodens!

    As I write this, Fodens are probably on their coach for the long journey back from Ipswich to Sandbach but hopefully someone will pass this on to them later as I reckon it will be the wee small hours of Sunday morning before any of them see their beds. What a fantastic concert... just blew me...
  17. andyh

    Smith-Watkins Professional vs Artiste and Soloist models

    Thanks for the information, I may just do that, K4 at 15 is impressive, your daughter must have excellent stamina! Andy
  18. andyh

    Smith-Watkins Professional vs Artiste and Soloist models

    Has anyone got experience of comparing the Smith-Watkins Professional model with it's K2 leadpipe against the Smith-Watkins Artiste or Soloist with the same leadpipe? I ask because I had a brief period playing a Professional model some years ago and recently heard a Soloist played with a K2...
  19. andyh

    tMP Linux Users

    Win7 64-bit on the main PC, Win7 32-bit on the wife's dell lappy, UNR 10.04 on my netbook. I have an old Dell Dimension 4600 desktop that I've fitted with a disk caddy and I have 6 or 7 IDE drives of various sizes with different Linux distros on (Mandriva, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, PC-Linux and a...
  20. andyh

    John Packer Ltd - An experience

    Surprised by this. I have had nothing but excellent service from John Packer, and so has everyone I've recommended them to. Andy