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  1. Bass Man

    Reg Vardy Band, North of England, Championship Section Vacancies

    The Reg Vardy Band, 36 times North of England Regional Champions have immediate vacancies for Percussionists, kit and tuned, who would like to join our hard working team. We have an excellent line up of concerts and competitions for the remainder of 2016, including the Grand Shield, where we...
  2. Bass Man

    Reg Vardy Band, North of England - Vacancies

    The Reg Vardy Band, current North of England Regional Champions, currently have vacancies for the following positions: Solo Cornet Principal Eb Bass Percussion Working with Resident MD, John Roberts, and Professional MD, Russell Gray, The Band have a sensible calendar of concerts and...
  3. Bass Man

    Doctor Martin Contest 2011

    Looks like the date for the Doctor Martin Trust 'Wainstones Cup' contest this year has been confirmed as Sunday 11th September and is being held at Middlesbrough Town Hall. As in 2010 bands will perform 3 pieces comprisng their own choice of test piece, march and solo. Prize money remains the...
  4. Bass Man

    Withington heads to Fodens

    According to 4br Allan Withington as resigned from Grimethorpe and assumed the Professional Conductors role at Fodens: Interesting. I think it'll be a good move for Fodens
  5. Bass Man

    Spring Festival 2011 Test Pieces Announced

    Courtesy of 4barsrest, the test pieces for the 2011 Spring Festival have been announced as: Grand Shield - Titans Progress (Hermann Pallhuber) Senior Cup - Prisms (Peter Graham) Senior Trophy - Benvenuto Cellini (Berlioz, arr. Dr Christian Jenkins)
  6. Bass Man

    1st Section National Championships 2000

    Hi All I was hoping that someone on here might be able to help me. I played for Boldon Colliery Band at the 1st section finals 2000 in the RAH. I know that there were some photographs taken of the competing bands on stage as they were available for purchase for some time after the contest; it...
  7. Bass Man

    Fife Brass Band Festival 2010

    Full results rom 4barsrest: Championship Section: Adjudicator: Archie Hutchison 1. Kingdom Brass (A. Duncan) - 194 2. Newtongrange Silver (N. Boddice) - 193 3. GT Group Peterlee (S. Malcolm) - 192 4. Clackmannan (P. Kiernan) - 190 Best Instrumentalist: Cornet Kingdom Brass) Best...
  8. Bass Man

    Wansbeck Music Festival 2010

    Info from 4br is: Wansbeck Music Festival Brass Festival Weekend: 24th & 25th April 2010 http:/ / festival.php Individual & ensemble competions on Saturday 24th April 2010 will take place at St George’s United Reformed Church, Morpeth commencing at...
  9. Bass Man

    DCBBA Annual Grading Contest 2009

    Testpieces for the grading contest are: Section A Ballet for Band J. Horovitz Section B Suite Gothique L.Boellman/E.Ball Section C Music for a Festival P.Sparke Section D. Lydian Pictures S. Dobson And we have a new venue, which isn't a sports hall!!!!! Who's going?
  10. Bass Man

    Durham League Contest 2008

    This years contest is being held at Peterlee Leisure Centre on Sunday 23rd November 2008. Testpieces are: Section A: Spectrum (Gilbert Vinter) Section B: Rhapsody in Brass (Dean Goffin) Section C: Sinfonnietta (Joseph Horovitz) Section D: St Andrews Variations (Alan Fernie) Felling will...
  11. Bass Man

    Attention YouTube Users

    Guys I discovered today that by adding '&fmt=18' to any URL on YouTube it enhances the quality of the video massivley. Check it out
  12. Bass Man

    DLI 'Brass in the Park' Contest 2008

    Who's going? Felling will be there, I'm looking forward to it. Do we know who the adjudicator is yet?
  13. Bass Man

    Useful to Know

    Could turn out to be useful, although I hope nobody ever finds themselves in this situation: If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your PIN # in reverse. For example, if your pin number is 1234, then you would put...
  14. Bass Man

    To Pedal or not to Pedal?

    Just read this article on 4BarsRest. I must say that I agree with Alan Morrison; Pedalling can provide a beautiful musical effect, when it's done properly. On the other hand, it can be awful when done poorly or constantly without cause...
  15. Bass Man

    Drug Addicts Given Free Toon Tickets

    Hi All I heard this on the radio on my way to work and I have just read this article online. How do people feel about this? Do those of you who attend football matches, paying your hard earned money for a ticket, approve of this? Is this is further proof that crime does pay or do you...
  16. Bass Man

    Tmp CLock

    Is it me guys or has the Tmp clock not gone forward an hour?
  17. Bass Man

    Bond 22 Named!

    The name for the next 007 film has been announced has been announced! It's title will be 'Quantum of Solace' What do people think of it as a Bond title? Personally, I think it sounds good.
  18. Bass Man

    Allardyce Leaves Newcastle,,10278~1210966,00.html Well, it's happened eventually. Allardyce is gone. I think it's a waste, he could have done wonders given time. Rumoured possibilities for a replacement are Alan Shearer or Steve McLaren. Opinions or thoughts?
  19. Bass Man

    Hand Luggage

    Anyone experienced this before? I recently spent 2 weeks in Singapore, visiting my parents over the christmas period. My journey consisted of 2 flights each way. The first from Newcastle to Dubai, the second from Dubai to Singapore with a stop in Colombo (Sri Lanka). The return journey was...
  20. Bass Man

    DCBBA Picnic in the Park Entertainment Contest

    Hi all I haven't seen a thread on sundays entertainments contest yet so thought I would start one. The draw is as follows: Section A - start 2 pm Felling Broughtons Easington Westoe Billingham Section B - start 10 am Trimdon Marske Craghead Stanhope Durham...