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  1. HBB

    A quote from Mumford and Sons

    They're pretty famous...
  2. HBB

    Paddy's Albert Hall - 2012

    They clapped because it was Dyke. They would have stoop up and applauded for any of the 'named' bands, much like you'd be pretty enthusiastic about seeing anyone famous in concert. I wasn't there, but having given some bad performances with 'named' bands and some great performances with...
  3. HBB

    New Website for Composer Tubb

    After a year's hiatus from a web presence, New York City resident ex-pat Brit composer Benjamin Tubb relaunches a brand new website, with an easy-to-use audio gallery and updated biography. Feel free to send a comment through the Contact section, too! The new website can be found at...
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    Sold/Expired New Composer Website This link works.
  5. HBB

    License Costs for Musical/Show Scores. Rip-off or not?

    Just paid $650 to License Annie Jr for my school, but that included 30 'yours-to-keep' scripts. Same with Mulan, $650 for unlimited performances and the scripts. :)
  6. HBB

    Which tenor Horn

    I agree with Aidan. I've spent enough time on an instrument without a trigger to know where to lip up and down. And let's face it, if you can hold a top C# or D, then I'm sure you're good enough to lip a little!
  7. HBB

    Masters 2011

    Pleasure was all mine! :) Thanks for making me feel welcome Alex!
  8. HBB

    Timp part for Gemini

    Definitely inspired me to write a spinny timp solo in my next piece Alex!
  9. HBB

    Violin and brass band???!?

    However I do frequently read posts! :) Contact me for more information about Danse Macabre variations, which takes Saint-Saens' original theme and makes a brand new piece out of it. Visit or email
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    Sold/Expired DVDs for Sale

    Mate. It's actually hillarious!
  11. HBB

    Sold/Expired DVDs for Sale

    Haha! Just noticed I hadn't posted it!
  12. HBB

    Sold/Expired DVDs for Sale

    DVDs About a Boy - £1 Bruce Almighty - £1 Click - £1 Collateral - £1 Confetti - £1 Crash - £0.50 Dreamgirls - £1 Edward Scissorhands - £1 Family Guy – Season 3 (no outer-box) - £3 Family Guy Season 8 - £5 Futurama Season 2 - £3 iRobot - £1 Jerry Springer the opera - £2 Journey to the Center of...
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    Sold/Expired DVDs for Sale

    Hi Guys, I am emigrating to the States in June and don't want to clutter up my parent's house with stuff. Below is a list of DVDs that I'm looking to sell. Most of them, except the box sets are a quid. Some are still in their original plastic wrapping. Please email me...
  14. HBB

    Paddy's European Championships - 2011

    Think that this year's English Nationals format may actually be a very good thing, and will be a great contest to attend. :)
  15. HBB

    Paddy's European Championships - 2011

    I meant England, not the UK. Sorry!
  16. HBB

    Paddy's European Championships - 2011

    The current English nationals champions are representing the UK.
  17. HBB

    2011 OBAF Composition Contest

    Ooooh, Signatures. Great place! COBB = Great band too! :D
  18. HBB

    Suggestions and recommendations for Eb Horn please...

    Lesley Howie designed the new prestiges (who also knows a few things about horns). Great horn.
  19. HBB

    Tenor Horn cup mutes

    But we're talking about tenor horns. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what you put in the bell, the instrument is going to sound drastically different; and we don't have the luxury of bucket mutes!
  20. HBB

    Tenor Horn cup mutes

    It's not hard. Just push yourselves to play quieter without cheating, this may require practice. Although it's even easier on upwards facing instruments. :confused: