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  1. Bob Thompson

    STOP PRESS. Black Dyke and James Morrison Concert VIP Offer.

    Stop Press Stop Press Second opportunity to see Black Dyke in concert with the Wizard of Oz, James Morrison. Following the recent British Bandsman competiton to win VIP tickets for the concert, the winner, who lives relatively locally and already had tickets for the event, Kenneth May...
  2. Bob Thompson

    Help Help HELP!

    Ok tmpers, Is there anyone who lives near Heathrow, who may also be travelling to Skegness for the contest on the 18th January? Why I hear you ask, well...... Doug Yeo, Bass trom with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is flying from the USA specifically to take part in a series of events on...
  3. Bob Thompson

    Play with Grimethorpe via Ebay!

    Hi tmpers, Following on from the recent success of the ebay auction to conduct the band at one of their concerts, the current National Champions, Grimethorpe, have offered us a similar opportunity, by way of supporting Brass Band Aid, to play with the band at one of their concerts. The...
  4. Bob Thompson

    Conduct Grimethorpe via ebay

    Hi tmpers, You may recall late last year Black Dyke offered Brass Band Aid 2 E bay auctions, one to conduct the band and the second to play with the band in a concert. The current National Champions, Grimethorpe, have offered us a similar opportunity by way of supporting Brass Band Aid. So...
  5. Bob Thompson

    Whats your ideal concert programme.

    If you had one of, if not the best Brass Bands in the world for a one hour concert, what would be your ideal entertainment programme? Suggestions please! cheers Bob
  6. Bob Thompson

    Pin Badges

    As some of you will know we have been selling the BBA pin badges for a few onths now with great success. I have recently received a new batch of pins, just in time for Christmas! We are attempting to get every band in the country to purchase one for each of the players. This is a simple but...
  7. Bob Thompson

    BBA Celebrity Band Concert

    Once again the celebrity band are coming together, over a year since the initial formation for the original BBA CD recording. Having contacted the players they are really excited about perfoming together live in concert. The event will be something rather special and take place at Butlins...
  8. Bob Thompson

    The BIG BLOW

    A spectacular event is being planned to create the largest brass band ever to perform in public. In addition to the satisfaction of achieving the record it is also heart-warming to know that all proceeds from the event are being contributed to the Brass Band Aid charity fund. The brainchild of...
  9. Bob Thompson

    BBA Music catalogue

    As a result of the new CD many of the composers have donated the copyrights to BBA. At present we have the follwoing available for sale, the rest will be available soon. In addition we also have copies of the original DO they Know its Christmas' arrangement by Alan Fernie as featured on the...
  10. Bob Thompson

    New BBA CD

    As many of you will be aware, the second BBA CD has been in the making over the course of the last 11 months. A mammoth task which has finally come to completion in the form of, 'Into Africa' At the back end of last year, I approached a number of well known and a couple of not so wel known...
  11. Bob Thompson

    WANTED WANTED, you've been famed!

    Hello Tmp'ers, BBA are seeking a donor or someone in the know who can access, really cheaply, i.e., for free, a 15-17" flat screen TV with built in DVD. Why? Well, we would like to use this on the BBA stand, which, as many of you are aware, attends most if not all of the major Brass Band...
  12. Bob Thompson

    BBA 2007 update

    Hello tmp’ers, Sorry I haven’t been here for a while, however, the work life balance, or should I say the BBA life balance has been somewhat out of kilter in recent months! I realised I had to work for a living!! Anyway, by way of an update re BBA, where to begin, Well presumably most people...
  13. Bob Thompson

    BBC Radio 3

    Ive seen a listing for Brass Bands on radio 3 somewhere online, but can I remember where, can I heck as like. HAs anyone else seen it, if so, do you know where it is and can you let me know please. Cheers Bob the forgetful
  14. Bob Thompson

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a tuneful New year to everyone at tmp. Thanks for the support this year you have all been absolutely brilliant, your contributions have made a success of Brass Band Aid and more importantly will have an amazing long term impact for so many people where the project is based...
  15. Bob Thompson

    Euphs needed

    Stanhope Silver Band, the little band with the big heart, are seeking 2 euphonium players to assist in our attempt at qualification for the Nationals in march next year. The Band is based in the Stanhope in the heart of beautiful Weardale. have a look at the website to find out more about us...
  16. Bob Thompson

    Christmas cards?

    How much will you spend on Christmas cards and postage this year? Most likely at least a couple of pounds anyway. Why not tell your friends etc that you are not sending them this year, but instead donated the money to Brass Band Aid, ask your friends to do the same. If only a hundred...
  17. Bob Thompson

    Websites and multiple languages

    Hello Tmp'ers I wonder if anyone knows of a programme whereby one can offer the option to view the website in multiple languages. There must be someone hear that does? Cheers Bob ps sorry f this is posted in the wrong place, no doubt it will be placed in the correct one if it is.
  18. Bob Thompson

    Contact for Edward Gregson?

    I have contacts for just about everybody in Western Europe, but not Edward Gregson, or that bloke who used to do the advert for milky bars, well I'm sure he is a blokey now So does anyone out there have a contact for Edward Gregson, preferably a direct contact too and can they get it to me...
  19. Bob Thompson

    BBA Supporters of the week

    Hello tMP'ers We have introduced a new page to the BBA website, 'Supporters of the Week'. We are providing this page for supporters of BBA. The page is not based upon how much you raise etc. it is more a case of BBA giving something back and saying thank you for the support. The page is...
  20. Bob Thompson

    Killer Pool Event at London Nationals

    Faireys and Whitburn do battle in London! Check it out !! Cheers Bob BBA