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  1. Accidental

    Yorkshire Area Championship adjudicators

    Because closed adjudication isn't about that. Many contest oprganiser keep it because its what the adjudicators want - I've heard many say they prefer to be shut off from outside distractions and onlookers and find it easier that way to focus just on what they're hearing
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    Intonation Exercises for Brass Band?

    ok then, as far as I'm aware there are none. All the bands I know with halfway decent intonation get there with focused playing of things like hymn tunes, and working on their intonation and tuning all the time, whereas the bands that aren't so good at it, don't do those things. Sorry I can't...
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    Intonation Exercises for Brass Band?

    Hymn tunes or similar (you could argue that everything is/should be an intonation exercise.... ;) )
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    National championships 2017

    Layout in the score: Flugel and horns where front row normally sit, euphs/baris in the middle, troms in normal euph/bari line. Front row behind horns, back row behind troms. I think its just a particular sound picture the composer is trying to create.... and he's in the box for the finals so I...
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    a smelly Case

    Upholstery cleaner with Febreze and lots of fresh air.....
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    Player movement to balance a Band

    I've never played in a band at any level that hasn't needed to move people around from time to time - swapping instruments as well as parts. Some people will happily try anything 'for the good of the band', others really don't like to move - I guess it comes down to what's more important to...
  7. Accidental

    Butlins Contest 2017

    The choice of test piece can make a massive difference to preparation and rehearsal time before the contest because Own Choice allows bands to pick something that plays to their strengths and/or that they already know which will potentially take a lot less time to get up to performance...
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    Butlins Contest 2017

    Well no, I don't think so. Butlins always seems to be very different for friends playing in sections 1-4 both in terms of prep and the weekend itself because they don't have the 2nd (Ents) contest to rehearse over Christmas on top of a test piece, and they don't have to play again on the...
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    Butlins Contest 2017

    Can't answer for bands in other sections, but I know that for the top section, having to prepare for 2 different contests so soon after Christmas is a massive ball-ache.... I think you have to really want to do it, and perhaps some bands that don't think they've got a very good chance of bagging...
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    Butlins Contest 2017

    Except the bands who can choose a piece to suit their strengths and prep time..... I know loads of people who were there to listen this year and appreciated the variety too
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    Music Libraries

    The tablet idea has been kicking around banders for at least 20 years, and its a good one in theory....... but quite apart from the cost, I write far too much on my parts to ever do away with good old fashioned paper and pencil!
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    The Gob Iron

    Maybe that's your experience, but I don't think you can really generalize that much..... I know a LOT of people who have stopped using this site because of the 'trouble makers' Nail -> Head. I've always been convinced that its the anonymity above all else that has led to the issues here - you...
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    Band secretaries - what tools/programs do you use?

    There's been a few threads about this in the past which may be worth a quick read for info about different software - try searching for Muzodo, Symphonix and Teamer for starters
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    Areas 2017 Happy with the results?

    2 bands from the same organisation did it too - Regent Brass and Regent Community Brass :) Fab result for Kidlington, Moomin.... and yes, we're pleased with our result too!
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    Rehearsal Absentees

    I would have thought making the people who've actually turned up suffer poor and/or short rehearsals is just about the worst thing to do in a band with attendance issues! Surely a more positive approach would be to make the rehearsals as stimulating and productive as possible for the people...
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    I've done my #SwabForSykes, have you? You can register online today at DKMS More info at Stephen's Journey FB Group:
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    Rehearsal Absentees

    No, not all bands do (or at least not for very long!) but it very much depends on the culture and collective choices of each individual band. There are as many different approaches to this as reasons for missing rehearsals, no one-size-fits-all solution. I believe its up to the band members...
  18. Accidental

    standard tenor horn mouthpiece?

    The majority of horn players I know play on DW3s, and most of the better ones I know play on DW2s (including top section solo horns, Euphman ;) ) I don't know many people who get a really nice sound out of a 5.
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    Trumpet or Baritone?

    Agreed - I know a few like that.... and I wouldn't describe them as even half-decent!!!
  20. Accidental

    Trumpet or Baritone?

    Any half-decent teacher will be able to teach you any brass instrument (with the possible exception of french horn & trombone), so please don't let their labels dictate your choices. I'd say visit both teachers and choose which one you think you will click and progress best with, regardless...