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  1. impycornet

    Harrogate Trade Stands

    Anyone know for definite if 'Just Music' have a stall at Harogate this weekend Want to personally compliment them for some outstanding customer service :mad::mad::mad:
  2. impycornet

    Bellstedt - Fantasia No 1

    Hi there.... Does anyone know where I can get the piano accompaniment for this, or does anyone have a spare/unwanted one that I could borrow ? Tried the usual suppliers and Google but can't seem to find it anywhere other than as a 'special re-print' from an American firm. Thank you...
  3. impycornet

    Navigation Inn - Dobcross Sunday 10th August

    Charity Scratch Band Concert Navigation Inn Dobcross Sunday 10th August 2-4pm All proceeds to the West Yorkshire Forget me Not Trust Representatives from: (in no particular order ! ) Grimethorpe, Dyke, YBS, Hepworth, Leyland, Wingates, Pemberton...
  4. impycornet

    Hell : Exothermic or Endothermic ???

    Food for thought for all you academics, biblically inclined and others. Is Hell exothermic or endothermic? The following is supposedly an actual question given on a university chemistry exam. The answer by one student was so profound that the professor shared it with colleagues,via...
  5. impycornet

    Help With Programme Note !

    Hi, Does anyone know anything about 'The Lonely Mill' by H Lancaster ? Please :dunno I have googled both the piece & composer, and can only find 2 old recordings ( Oh and a link to the Manx Youth Bands library where it is number 1151 ! ) Any info on piece or composer gratefully...
  6. impycornet

    Credit Card Scam

    This came through today at work. Please be on your guard against bogus phone calls claming to be from your credit card company or from Visa or MasterCard. The caller pretends to be verifying an "unusual purchase" for hundreds of pounds and says that a credit for the full amount will be made...
  7. impycornet

    Belgium !

    Hi, Doing a take on " National Lampoons European Adventure" over the easter weeks. Can anyone suggest things to do & see around Belgium ? Probably there for 3 nights. Also, which area would be the best to stay in ? Cheers.
  8. impycornet

    Old School Photos Try this fantastic free new resource :clap:
  9. impycornet

    pda skin/style

    is there a 'go to 1st new post' option? when i go to new posts from the drop-down menu I can see all the topics with new posts - but I only seem to be able to open the whole thread, wheras you can usually just jump to the new post. any ideas? cheers
  10. impycornet

    Sweet news for Leyland ?

    courtesy of Competition dream comes true for Leyland AN all-expenses-paid weekend in London for the British National Championship final on October 15 has been awarded to the Leyland Band, of Lancashire. Principal Eb bass Chris Doran entered the Cadbury's Dream Factory...
  11. impycornet

    True Story ?

    In 1994 at the annual awards dinner given for Forensic Science,AAFS. The President Dr Don Harter Mills astounded his audience with legal complications of a bizarre death. On March 23, 1994 a medical officer examined the body of Ronald Opus. He concluded that Mr Opus had died as a result of...
  12. impycornet

    So Bored......

    Arrived at Toronto airport about a zillion hours before check-in !! Stood up at one of these pay as you play terminals. At least it gets rid of the small change !!
  13. impycornet

    Everyone move round one !

    So.. The annual post Area round of player moves has started ! So then, Who's for the Solo Euph Seat at Fairies ? Who's in line for the Solo Euph Seat at B&R? Who's going to fill Mr Hobbins' Shoes at B&R? Which...
  14. impycornet

    Time ?

    Struggling with these new fangled digital clocks and watches. Sick of little tiny numbers on unreadable screens. Then this is for you !! :p :p
  15. impycornet

    Did You Know .....

    That is the No1 Weekly Brass Band Magazine on the web. To Quote .... "BRITISH Bandsman magazine is now backed by a new-look, technologically advanced and interactive website. The magazine has always been the largest circulating and only weekly...
  16. impycornet

    Sold/Expired Denis Wright

    Anyone know where I can get the full band set of Denis Wright Cornet Concerto ? All the usual suspects seem to only do a piano reduction ! Thank you :rolleyes:
  17. impycornet

    Brass in Concert - Results

    courtesy of 4barsrest Results 1. Grimethorpe Colliery UK Coal, Richard Evans, 253, 196+28.5+28.5 2. Sellers International, Philip McCann, 250.5, 192+29.5+29.5 [-0.5] 3. Whitburn, Andy Duncan, 249, 194+27.5+27.5 4. Reg Vardy (Ever Ready), Ray Farr, 245, 189+28+28 5. Leyland, Garry Cutt...
  18. impycornet


    I thought I knew most swear words but tMP's naughty word bleeper has me really confused this time. I am trying to use the past tense of 'Fit' or an estage agents term for wardrobes that are not stand alone ie *****d ! Why does this get bleeped - Is this a word I should be aware of & not...
  19. impycornet

    Another Copyright Question

    So..... Where do we stand when, due to the incompetence of a Publishing house, a piece of music is physically unplayable due to the way it has been printed. I am talking about the Area piece Rienzi. Taking the solo cornet part as an example :- Page 1 to Page 2 there is 1 quaver rest (...
  20. impycornet

    The Odd Ball !

    Following on from the Rope Question Try this one :shock: The Odd Ball Problem There are twelve identical-looking balls, but one is either heavier or lighter than the other eleven. How can you determine which is the odd ball and find out whether this ball is heavier or lighter than the...