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  1. HelenPlaysBaritone

    Murton Colliery Band to fold

    This announcement was posted by the committee on Facebook. "Formed in 1884, Murton Colliery Brass band is one of the few bands in the north east of England who retain their colliery name. Unfortunately over the last two years the band has been struggling with the numbers of players coming...
  2. HelenPlaysBaritone

    Tenor trombonist seeks band near Gateshead

    I'm looking for a contesting band in the third or fourth section within driving distance of Gateshead. I'm willing to try to learn bass clef but not to move to a valved instrument, I have a wrist injury that stops me from pressing the third valve. I have commitments to honour with my current...
  3. HelenPlaysBaritone

    Euph/bari wanting a blow in Midhurst area

    I'm heading to Sussex for a couple of weeks and am looking to have a blow with a local brass or wind/military band in/near Midhurst. I have mouthpieces but will need to borrow an instrument. Preference will be given to bands that are accessible by bus from Midhurst or very near, as I am...