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  1. Crazysop

    Band website reviews

    Formatting is fine on mac with chrome. :) Website has everything it needs on there. Maybe the calendar could include more details for events such as where to get tickets from where applicable- you never know who might be looking around for a concert to go to, its feedback we have had ourselves...
  2. Crazysop

    New Christmas Priase melody part for Eb

    If it's a small band job with limited Bb cornets I usually transpose ... badly! Would be great if they did an Eb melody book tho.
  3. Crazysop

    How did you find your current band?

    I happened to bump into a chap one day who I'd known in my youth/ music centre days, he asked if I was still playing etc and invited me down to the band. Been there ever since.
  4. Crazysop

    Do you look at your own website?!

    I think that there is room for both the fun side and the professional side if managed correctly. A FB group can be restricted to whoever you want to share the photo's/ information with, i.e band members. Whereas a publically viewable FB page or Twitter profile should be as professional as your...
  5. Crazysop

    March folders

    Looks like we may have to set some poor soul the task of lamination! Thanks for the replies :)
  6. Crazysop

    March folders

    We have tried card, but the wallets are so flimsy they still blow open, also, with all the card they are heavy and thick and regularly fall out of lyres, that's when the individual marches aren't flying out all on their own. Suppose if get no joy we could laminate them all. What a faff though.
  7. Crazysop

    March folders

    Has anyone got any recommendations as to decent waterproof march folders? Have been looking online for a while and can't seem to find anything suitable, have also done a quick search on here to see if has come up before but can't find anything. We need to transfer our individual marches out of...
  8. Crazysop

    Do you look at your own website?!

    I think it is possible to have both, but you do need the right initial set up. We have tried various incarnations of websites starting with home made HTML to CMS like Joomla, which I liked and was fairly simple to use, and now Wordpress which is fabulously easy to use and customise once it is...
  9. Crazysop

    Do you look at your own website?!

    Ours is updated constantly by our web team. We have found using a CMS a godsend as we can update our site in seconds from any internet enabled device anywhere in the world. Also, thanks to the marvels of modern technology and social networking, we have linked all our various online profiles...
  10. Crazysop

    Bolsover Entertainments

    Middleton played Stick Figures On With the Motley Batman Crimond Birdland
  11. Crazysop

    Bolsover Entertainments

    2nd section 1st Blidworth 2nd Strata 3rd Middleton :) Best soloist Solo cornet Dobcross
  12. Crazysop

    Sold/Expired Premier Pedal Timpani For Sale

    The Timps have now been sold and have gone to their new home. :)
  13. Crazysop

    2011 Tameside Open Championships - 27th March

    Hey paddy, 2nd mossley, 3rd uppermill, 5th middleton Well done to Oldham and Tyldesley!
  14. Crazysop

    Haslemere Town Band

    Nice website :)
  15. Crazysop

    Brass at the Guild

    We were 6th
  16. Crazysop

    Armistice Day and marches

    Carvery was Yum! Though was the only one dining in the end. Shame we didn't have time to fit in our trademark march...........
  17. Crazysop

    Armistice Day and marches

    We only managed 1 car alarm
  18. Crazysop

    Armistice Day and marches

    We did Slaidburn, Chieftan, True and trusty, Death or Glory, Colonel Bogey and Standard of St George.
  19. Crazysop

    Silent Brass System

    I have a yamaha silent brass cornet/trumpet version, which only just fits my shilke sop.... much prefer to use my wallace practice mute. I too have heard the shhhhhh mutes are good but not had the chance to try one to compare.
  20. Crazysop

    Quick! No mods on!

    *looks left, looks right* STREAK!!!