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  1. Matthew

    For Sale: BBb Tuba

    See updated link: Yamaha Neo BBb Tuba (4-valves) | eBay Happy to discuss price - please PM to ask questions, thanks. :)
  2. Matthew

    For Sale: BBb Tuba

    See link: Yamaha Neo BBb Tuba (4-valves) | eBay PM to discuss, thanks. :)
  3. Matthew

    Brass Banding In West Yorkshire

    Welcome! :)
  4. Matthew

    York BBb Bass Tuba

    What do these play like - a Sovereign style?
  5. Matthew

    Stuck 1st Valve Slide

    Many thanks all! :)
  6. Matthew

    Stuck 1st Valve Slide

    My poor Neo BBb is suffering from a seized 1st valve slide and I can’t budge it. Any tested methods or ideas to safely move it? It’s my own fault for neglecting the poor thing. I may otherwise have to resort to finding a Tuba doctor in Yorks to help. :) Thanks all!
  7. Matthew

    Dinnington Colliery Band - doing fine!

    I helped out Dinnington (with Jonathan conducting) a few years back in various contests on BBb (inc. the finals in Cheltenham) - a thoroughly lovely and fantastic group of people, with great ethos and attitudes who made me feel very welcome. :)
  8. Matthew

    BBb available this week (West Yorks)

    Anyone need a BBb Bass in West Yorks this week in rehearsal? Just PM! :)
  9. Matthew


    Looks like a spammer unfortunately (see other post).....
  10. Matthew

    BBb available this week (West Yorks)

    Hi all, Looking for a band to sit in this week for an informal blow on BBb in West Yorks - any section is fine. :) Drop me a PM if interested!
  11. Matthew

    Yamaha Neo BBb Tuba (For Sale)

    Meant to say - also willing to consider a part-exchange swap for an EEb 4-valve tuba (e.g cash + EEb Tuba in exchange for the Neo BBb). Just message if you'd like to discuss. :)
  12. Matthew

    Yamaha Neo BBb Tuba (For Sale)

    Thanks for all the enquiries. :) More photos available to serious buyers, please PM.
  13. Matthew

    Yamaha Neo BBb Tuba (For Sale)

    In lacquer and about 4-years of age and lovely condition, barely used (due to time constraints!), slight/minor marks to bottom bow (small scratch to area) + tiny 'pin' dent (makes no difference cosmetically/playing-wise). Selling for £5995 (payment to be received via immediate BACS on...
  14. Matthew

    BBC Best of Brass

    I have some BOB videos in the loft - I manually recorded them from the BEEB as a kid. I will see what I have next week! :) PS I def. have J&C band on one.
  15. Matthew

    BBb tuba mouthpiece query

    Bach 18 for me all the way. I also have a Bach 7 which occasionally comes out - it's a bucket! ;)
  16. Matthew

    Tuba Gig Bag - Yamaha Neo

    Hi Nick, Yes, the bag (Gold Series- Up to 22" Bell) fits the Neo brilliantly and without a tight squeeze like some bags, it's easy to place in/out. It's well made/robust and has to be the best designed gig bag I've seen. Well worth the investment. :)
  17. Matthew

    Derwent Brass invites applications for BBb Tuba and Bb Cornet

    Great website - nice photo work! Also, how refreshing to see a top section band just having x1 rehearsal weekly. :D
  18. Matthew

    Sold/Expired BBb Tuba 'Flugel'

    Not mine, but saw this on eBay! Cracking isn't it, but what on earth would you do with it?! :D One Of A Kind Custom Built Forward Facing Hawkes/Besson BBb Tuba With 24" Bell ! | eBay
  19. Matthew

    Butlins Contest 2017

    Ahhhhh, if Monty Python did Brass Band Contests........ :D