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  1. JamesResurgam

    Bryan Smith

    Bryan Smith. It is with deep regret I have to report the death this morning of Bryan Smith former principal horn of Grimethorpe Band. Our love and thoughts are with Elsie and the family at this sad time. It has been a privilege to have walked a few steps along life's path with this great...
  2. JamesResurgam

    Sad passing of Neil Ferguson

    It is with the deepest sadness I have to report the passing this morning of Neil Ferguson, former chairman and soprano cornet of Granite City Brass. I have the most enormous respect for Neil; who was a true bandsman, gentleman, and one of those people without whom bands would cease to be. Our...
  3. JamesResurgam

    Variations for Brass Band

    Does anyone have an errata for the Vaughan Williams, I have found a number of mistakes already after 2 rehearsals. I have lost my original score with the amendments, so could someone please help stop the frustration. DJ
  4. JamesResurgam

    Alex Ferguson in Australia.

    Alex's many friends will be deeply saddened to hear that he has been diagnosed as having a very advanced state of cancer. One of life's great characters with an enormous personality to match; he hails from Broxburn and was one of the finest euphonium players in Scotland in his playing days. He...
  5. JamesResurgam


    This is Moy and I am staying down at my pals David & Rita James for New Year. Can someone tell me how to say Happy New Year in Welsh PLEASE???? Moira Ross So I will post as soon after midnight as possible from DJ's computer. :roll:
  6. JamesResurgam

    Sold/Expired Recording of the Holy City

    Does anyone know of a recording of the cornet solo The Holy City, with either band, organ or piano accomps. I'm looking for a copy for a very good friend, many thanks. DJ