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    Beta Blockers for contests?

    I battled with stage shakes for years trying all sorts of techniques and herbal remedies, eventually after to talking to a few people I went to the doctors and got beta blockers perscribed, transformed my playing I can now play without the physical shaking which all but destroyed my playing. I...
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    The history of the Bb Cornet

    Our third cornet still plays one too :D ( not sure if Mike was ever principle though, have to ask him ).
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    Whit Friday

    Just a thought..Why do the organisers simply not register bands on the coach? Stops all the runner malarkey and ensures the band are actually present.
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    How far did you travel to the area ?

    There lies the sticking point. :( TBH though had a very enjoyable time at WoE contest, was made to feel very welcome and the organisers were very helpful and friendly, as were the other bands, thank you to you all! :clap::clap:
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    How far did you travel to the area ?

    It would be interesting to see what the numbers for each region would be if bands simply went to their nearest contest. Would save the bands a lot of money, but then when has sense and cost ever been of concern to the powers that be.
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    Women in Brass Bands

    Putting aside the obvious inflammatory nature of the opening poster a more interesting question would be "What proportion of brass players are female and how is that represented within the brass band community?" as this is surely the more obvious question. Brass is not a popular choice for girls...
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    Non-contesting bands around London?

    Depends where you are in London I guess, if your over the west side of London the Staines Lammas are a decent non-contesting band ( we have a wide range of standards from non-contetsing right up to champ section players ), and we always welcome new players.
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    Warburton Mouthpiece

    Now thats really interesting as I've used a Warburton 4D with a 9* backbore with my Schilke for a number of years now and I'm have found it quite tight ( is the best expression I can think of ) in the upper register. I just put it down to bad breathing technique, next time we get some bartime...
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    Registration Query...

    Sounds good to me. Personally I love the Butlins format, whole weekend can take the family good entertainment ( mostly lol ) and an entertainment contest for the top bands. The French Open format was fun too , march contest, set test followed by solo and own choice "entertainment" piece then an...
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    Registration Query...

    I know ;) but was trying to make a fatuous point to put things into perspective. :) I don't know Mr Morris personally and have never met him but I'm sure he's well aware that Bands can survive without contesting, but contests cant survive without bands, and he needs us more than we need him so...
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    Registration Query...

    TBH I believe the BBE has just increased its relevance by stepping away from contesting and all the political baggage that goes with it. Now we have an organisation which can honestly say it represents all bands, rather than those that just wish to contest, and they can get on with the more...
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    Bands at Cheltenham 2013

    huge well done to you guys!, we ( Alder Valley ) were very happy with 9th ( after reading the 4barsrest comments we thought we'd be last! ) more so when you see the strength of the bands there! good weekend for L&SC bands all things considered!
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    Paddy's London & Southern Counties Area - 2013

    Thanks. For once I don't disagree with them ( on first section ) :eek:. Mind you First could be won by any one of about 6 or 7 bands, it's that tight this year.
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    Paddy's London & Southern Counties Area - 2013

    Looks like the All4Brass previews have now dissappeared....and I daresay 4barsrest predictions will turn up saturday morning ( or Monday lol ). Hate being the last flipping region to play!
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    Registration at the regional contest.

    Perhaps the BBE should take this as a wake up call and an opportunity. Ditch the registry, if Kapitol want it let them have it ( personally I don't think it will make life any better or worse ), stop running elite contests bands cant afford ( and the most dont want ) to go to and start...
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    Registration at the regional contest.

    Well put. what we need is an organisation which doesn't have any involvement with contests and is able to help with the day to day problems of banding ( getting youngsters into playing, increasing audiences, help sourcing rehearsal rooms, etc ). Why are we so hung up on contetsing? we are...
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    Tomandwill tuba gig bags

    My Son has a Reunion Blues which is excellent ( expensive though, but given he travels to college and back and to London and back every week its worth it). Bachs are not too bad either ( I think that may be the leather one you saw ) we did have BBb bach bag which comes with a raincover stowed in...
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    Brass Ensemble in Surrey looking for a Tuba Player

    The Freedom Brass Ensemble is looking for a tuba player following the defection of our current one back onto euphonium! :( We rehearse once a month ( occasionally more if we have a concert ) in the Staines area on wednesday nights, and are a very laid back bunch with an undemanding concert...
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    Rip-Off Butlins

    I'm going but not playing this year :-?, I have a great time there wether playing or not really missed not going last year. I always enjoy it, yes it's a bit pricey but its also good fun, my only gripe is that its in term time ( would be nice to stay the sunday night ) but I understand why it is...
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    Brass Band Registry.

    cant be any worse than the current sorry state of affairs. you never know it might be an improvement!