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  1. Griffis

    Tredegar in Concert CD - Teaser

    Have a listen to Tredegar Town Band's latest CD "Tredegar in Concert Vol. 1" which is due for release on the 28th April Here is a little teaser of what's on the CD Follow the band on facebook...
  2. Griffis

    Paddy's European Championships - 2011

    Gratulerer alle på din fantastiske seier fra alle på Tredegar Town Band :clap::clap::clap:
  3. Griffis

    Paddy's Welsh Area - 2011

    Just done some research, and you'll find it's not quite that bad....there's 28 bands on saturday!! Better bring your sleeping bags ;)
  4. Griffis

    If Tredegar don't manage top 4 at the nationals t was a fluke at the open!

    I might be a "little" biased, but I'd say NO, of course not a fluke!! :)
  5. Griffis

    Players' behaviour on stage

    im gonna throw my thoughts on this...i don't personally know Paul, but I do know a few of the players at Dyke!!! Lets turn to the very over-used football comparison. Eric Cantona - Awesome player, people loved to watch him, but might dislike him for his attitude/discipline.....ultimately...
  6. Griffis

    Paddy's Wychavon - 2010

    Just in case some people haven't seen it (It's a shame that so many bands have withdrawn!!)
  7. Griffis

    Open next weekend

    Yes, we did have 5 basses, and we have had 5 for the most part of the year...we have one cornet down on the back row, and we have one bass player extra! not breaking any rules, and so far this year, it seems to have worked (look out for an increased number of bands playing with 5 basses from now...
  8. Griffis

    Yamaha Mouthpieces or Similar

    Very true!!! :D
  9. Griffis

    Yamaha Mouthpieces or Similar

    Stick with it...I play on a prototype version of the DK mouthpiece (I played on a DW3 before), and it took quite a bit to get used to it, but now I wouldn't change it! High notes were difficult, but like everything, once you get used to it, it will become easier! Obviously if it hurts to play...
  10. Griffis

    Instrumentation change for the nationals?

    What about this bad boy then?? Imagine the looks on the trombone players faces when you tell them they have to play this...!!
  11. Griffis

    Paddy's Spring Festival 2010

    I would just like to say, on behalf of everybody at Tredegar Town Band, that it is a HUGE relief to have finally qualified after two years of being so close. Personally, I think the band could have played better (a few unnecessary splits and untidy moments that shouldn't have happened - but it...
  12. Griffis

    Paddy's Spring Festival 2010

    Correct. Jonesy, I'm surprised someone has actually asked you to play with them...haven't they heard you recently ;) All the best for the band, and I'm sure I'll join you for a :guiness at the Winter Gardens at some point during the weekend mate
  13. Griffis

    Welsh Regional Championships - 2010

    Diolch Gav!! Remember, if Deiniolen need any help with carrying luggage or percussion up to Harrogate...give me a shout ;) All seriousness though, well done to you, the band, and of course Daniel!
  14. Griffis

    Would you let this woman clean your instrument???

    I thought this was a family friendly
  15. Griffis

    Would you let this woman clean your instrument???

    I love the way she tries to demonstrate this by taking out the first valve...only to discover that the valve-cap is stuck after she ****ted it with the mallet in one of the previous videos, so she quickly does what any pro would do...just use a different valve and pretend that nothing went...
  16. Griffis

    Can of worms... [How do you hold your cornet?]

    I've found that using my feet to hold the instrument makes it a lot harder to I prefer to use my hands...just using the trusted grab and blow technique ;)
  17. Griffis

    Sold/Expired Holton Arturo Sandoval F357 Flugel for sale

    Thats always a bonus!!! lol ;)
  18. Griffis

    Brass Bands in North Wales

    Nothing wrong with those two jokes....definately the best jokes EVER!!!
  19. Griffis

    Brass Bands in North Wales

    Don't need to PM me mate :p hehe
  20. Griffis

    Brass Bands in North Wales

    To be honest, there aren't a lot of bands in the area, in fact the only two that springs to mind are Beaumaris and Menai Bridge (both of which you've probably come accross yourself), there are a few more in Gwynedd (over the bridge), but as far as I'm aware, these are the only 2 on the island :)...