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    Pontins Drinking Question No 2

    After reading about what a gorgeous holiday venue Pontins is, I've decided to go along on Saturday/Sunday. Thing is, I havent got a roof (have the chalet's??!) to sleep under on Saturday night/Sunday morning. So to save the pleading/begging/bribing on the day does anyone know up front if...
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    Should I go back to uni?

    OK, serious post for once.. For quite a few months now I've been toying with the idea of going back to uni and doing a music/performance/banding course or something. Either part-time or taking a break from work for a year or so. I'm 23 now, and although I'd be a mature student that...
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    Where can I get a tenor horn mute?

    As the subject says, where can I get a tenor horn mute from. Only shops I've seen have trombone mutes which are what I use to get by with but would be nice to have a proper horn mute. Any ideas? Would ideally like to get one asap.
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    For those who are going to Easingwold...

    I'm staying at the George Hotel in Easingwold (apparantly right next to where the contest is) and have twin room but no twin to share it with. In the spirit of tmp and bandsmens ability to bond over a lump of metal and beer who fancies sharing a room on the 26th like when we took over a hotel...
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    Anyone going to Weston on sunday?

    Just as topic says, is anyone going to the Weston-super-mare Own choice contest this sunday? Not playing myself, but going along to support the bands by consuimg ale. So if you're there grab me at the bar!
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    Whit Friday bands - any room at the inn?

    Sorry if Im sounding desperate, had no idea how booked up everywhere would be! If your band is staying in Saddleworth area for Whit Friday weekend and has spaces for 3 unobtrusive young brassfolk (unobtrusive as we'll be in the pub 99% of the time), can you let me know (by...
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    Horn player available for general dep duties (any section)

    Just like Mr Muscle, I love all the jobs your regular horn player hates. Can travel virtually anywhere where there's a road in Midlands/S Wales/S & SW England within reason (would say North but you've got far too many horn players anyway!) Currently Solo Horn with Tewkesbury (3rd...
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    Where to stay Whit weekend?

    Quick question about this years Whit merriment, as I'm a complete Whit virgin can someone give some suggestions of what areas bands are staying at (isn't there 2 'circuits' or something?) and preferably near a pub within walking distance and close to where the tmp band is playing on Whit Friday...
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    Midlands Area starting time on Saturday?

    Can someone please let me know what time playing is due to start in the Midland Regional 2nd Section on Saturday? Me and a carload will be up to cheer everyone on :) Any tmp-ers in Burton then? Apologies Mods/Gods if this is elsewhere on tmp (this forums got too big to find anything! :P )
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    Are brass teachers extinct?!

    Anyone know of any good brass tutors (ideally horn) in the Gloucestershire/Forest of Dean area that would take me on as a pupil? :) Would stretch to Worcestershire/S Wales but not if I can help it. Now I've got a car I can actually travel to get some tuition! Maybe I'll be able to play...
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    RNCM on University Challenge

    Any RNCM-ers on here know Dave Lewis, who happens to be on the telly at the moment? Just wondered cos I went to school with him and got a bit of a shock when I turned on the TV to see his mug on there!
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    How do I go about arranging? (legality wise)

    This is one for the tmp composer/arranger posse, I want to write my own arrangement of a song. And as far as copyright etc goes I'm sure there's a whole minefield of licenses, monies to be paid, PRS and stuff before I can even put pen to paper. :( Question is what's the process I need to go...
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    Horns - Sovereign vs Maestro (vs Prestige?!) Which is best?

    OK this'll be a fun thread as theres lots of horn players on tmp. I'm thinking of buying a horn for myself and I'm pretty sure the only real choices are going to be Besson Sovereign or a Yammy Maestro, or the mythical beast that is Prestige slowly awakening from it's fiery volcano lair (or...
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    tMP Signature Tune!

    How about some of the resident tmp composers getting together and writing us a tMP signature piece we can play whenever a tMP gets together? :P We can then put it as the first track on the eventual tMP CD :wink: that I reckon we should do at some point!
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    Brass tuition

    I expect this has come up in the past, but are there any good websites with brass tutors on out there? :? I'm trying to find someone realtively near to me! :)
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    The Calendar Band

    What with this film of the WI that stripped off to raise money, wouldn't it be funny to get a BB calendar to raise funds for good causes (or if they havent been good this year then I'm sure tmp could put it towards more web space!). I ain't volunteering, and frankly I really don't think I could...
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    National Finals Results

    Hot off the Press!: Results 1. Fairey FP (Music) Band, Allan Withington, 197 2. Tredegar, Steve Bastable, 196 3. Buy As You View Cory, Dr. Robert Childs, 195 4. Black Dyke, Dr. Nicholas Childs, 193 5. Fodens Richardson, Thomas Wyss, 192 6. Brighouse & Rastrick, Major Ian McElligott, 191
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    Variations on a Welsh Theme - Publisher??

    Got the Eb Horn+Piano version the other day and I love this piece! :) Pretty sure that theres a band set (which can't be far off if it's by the same guy!) but can't find it anywhere. Anyone know if this isn't a figment of my imagination and who publishes it so I can get a copy :cry: !
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    4bars Extended Rankings

    Whoo, the 4bars lads have extended their rankings to the top 150 bands in the statto-licious ranking system that I have no idea how it works! It's at Can't be too far off the much-promised lower section rankings....
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    Doing ABRSM Grades

    I'm thinking of doing an ABRSM grade exam on Horn, but just wondering if it is really worth doing. Just wondered what peoples opinions were on them. :?: I'm not too bothered about the set pieces, they'll be fine (plus it gives me an excuse to play Masquerade by Sparke and Variations on a...