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  1. Griffis

    Tredegar in Concert CD - Teaser

    Have a listen to Tredegar Town Band's latest CD "Tredegar in Concert Vol. 1" which is due for release on the 28th April Here is a little teaser of what's on the CD Follow the band on facebook...
  2. Griffis

    Peter Gane Mutes

    Hi everybody, I'm just wandering if Peter Gane Mutes are still widely available as I remember they stopped producing them a couple of years ago, but then started to build them again, but now I'm not sure if they still are! The reason I'm asking is I would like to have a Flugel Horn mute (if...
  3. Griffis

    Anybody else noticed this??!!

    I was listening to Now That's What I Call Brass Vol. 2 the other day and I thought to myself, since I've never heard BAYV's performance of St. Magnus at the Euros, I'll give it a bash. After about literally 15/20 seconds, I thought to myself..."This sounds exactly like the YBS performance at the...
  4. Griffis

    Applauding Bands in National Comps

    I was at the Welsh Regionals today (Sunday 14th) and I witnessed something that happens a lot of the time when it comes down to competitions like these. Not that I am trying to make a fuss, but why do people applaud SOME bands (i.e. BAYV Cory, Tredegar etc) whilst they walk on stage? The thing...
  5. Griffis

    Area performance recorded?

    After being in the Yorkshire Areas today (Sunday 7th March) I noticed that there were microphones set up on the stage. Does anybody know if the bands were recorded for a CD, or to be broadcast on the radio?
  6. Griffis

    Sold/Expired Piccolo Trumpet for sale?

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows of anyone that might be selling a Picc. Just looking at the moment, and checking out prices. Thanx, Dewi