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    best soprano solo EVER!!!!!!!!

    Sop Solo Can't believe there hasn't been a mention for Lark in the Clear Air. I know it is scored for band as a horn solo but it is a great piece for sop. :D
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    Soprano dep, Scotland

    Intrument: Soprano Conductor/Compere: Section 4/3/2 Location/Region: West Lothian, Scotland Grade: Name: Dave Kinross Contact Details: 07703 431274 Instrument(s) played: Sop/Bb Cornet Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Any How much notice do you...
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    Pre-announcing tMP Promotional Gear...

    Could advertise on members bands web site. Does tMP have a link banner for bands to use on their own web site? Tried to find a thread on it so apologies if I'm being a plank.
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    anyone seen these before?

    I thought it was the genuine article until I saw the "surgical quality" headphones...... I sincerely hope someone is at it because that's the worst business Idea I've ever seen!
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    A contest in 4 parts.

    I agree with the comments regarding the banding structure being outdated. The only reason the Nationals is viewed as an inferior contest to the Open by some is the fairer way bands qualify for the latter contest. Given the strength of some of the outfits in Yorks and the North West, it's...
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    Sold/Expired Wanted - Sovereign 928 Cornet

    Does anyone have a Sovereign 928 that they are willing to sell? Ideally it would be from around the late eighties and in good condition.
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    How did you hear about ...? please answer.

    There was a thread on the Brass Band Forum about things being staid and boring. Some kind soul mentioned this site and to have a look................and I did!
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    Soprano recommendations?

    Smith-Watkins sops tend not to have the intonation difficulties you would have with a Shilke. They also have a similar quality brightness to the tone. They are a bit more expensive, but if you're going to spend £1800 on a Shilke you may as well go the whole way and go for the SW. Dave Sop...
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    Soprano BOC

    £215 would be OK if it was a half decent case but mouthpieces fall all over the place and you can't fit anything else in apart from the cornet itself. I swapped mine for one of the ruck sack type gig bag, the ribbing I get for carrying it is worth being able to get everything I need in one case!
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    Would have to be Eric Ball, anyone who ever met him say that there was something about the man that differentiated him from others.
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    Sold/Expired Conn Trombone for sale

    It's an 8H and the price is £350 not £450. Dave
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    Sold/Expired Conn Trombone for sale

    Conn Trombone, 10 years old, good condition with no dents. Comes with original hard case. £450 ONO
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    West Lothian Challenge

    As far as I'm aware, the adjudicator for the first semi is Roy Newsome. Might be different for the second but last year, Mal Brownbill was used for both semi's and the final.
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    Well Known Guest Conductors.

    We had a very well known guest conductor take a rehearsal because he was in the area. It was just before the area contest and when he asked where one of the back row cornet players was he was told she had a cesarian birth just 4 weeks previously. When he uttered the words "shouldnt have...
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    Masters Results

    Well done Chris!!!!!
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    Carnegie Invitation

    Thanks for your help yesterday Tom, much appreciated, and sorry for keeping you up way past your bed time!
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    Carnegie Invitation

    Championship 1. UNISON Kinneil Allan Ramsay 192 2. Netwongrange Tony Swainson 191 3. Kingdom Brass Archie Hutchison 190 4. Dalmellington John Boax 189 Entertaiment: Newtongrange Instrumentalist: Flugel Newtongrange 1st Section won by Bon Accord 4th Section won by...
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    Carnegie Invitation

    Any views, predictions on the Carnegie Invitation for Saturday? It did look a good contest in the top section but with Scottish Co-op withdrawing and no Kirkintilloch or Whitburn how does that leave things?
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    Scottish Open Announcement

    Seems that a few of the bands in Scotland fancy Revelation or Harmony Music. Good to see a forward thinking format Dave Sop UNISON Kinneil