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  1. jimothy

    Besses staying up?

    There is a rumour circulating the Besses have successfully appealed against their relegation to the first section. Does anyone have any facts about this?
  2. jimothy

    Whats the best CD you;ve heard this year?

    Just sorting out my ever expanding CD collection and wondered which CD people most like amongst those published this year. I have to say that the music on the Regionals 2005 CD includes some great pieces (a shame that some of the playing could be better). The Trumpets of the Angels includes some...
  3. jimothy

    Great Northern Brass Festival Gala Concert

    Did anybody go to the concert on Saturday night? What did you think? I thought that Grimethorpes programme, with the exception of Spectrum, was a total waste of a very good band. Foden's programme was very enjoyable, especially Glyn Williams excellent rendition of Rule Britannia, and Eric...
  4. jimothy

    Sold/Expired Brass Band Photos - North West England and North Wales

    Anybody wanting new band photos doing? Contact me by PM or via my website at You may have seen some of my work recently if you bought Dave Thornton's excellent solo CD.
  5. jimothy


    results of two tameside contests in so far:- Ashton Station 1. Leyland 2. Fodens 3. Can't remember 4. Crewe Co-op 5. Sellers The Bush - Droylsden 1. Crewe Co-op 2. BT 3. Fodens 4. Sellers