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    Beginner Brass Music

    In a couple of weeks time I am leading the "Beginner Band" at a music camp. Does anybody have any dead easy arrangements of anything I could use. Definitely want something that they would find interesting. Thanks! Craig
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    Dudley Bright - Courtois Trombones

    Have just heard that Dudley Bright has been "recreating" the classic Conn Elkhart 88H with the folks from Courtois. Does anybody know anything more than that? Thanks!
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    Derek Lance at Blazing Brass in Hamilton

    For anyone in Southern Ontario, Mountain Citadel in Hamilton will host its annual Blazing Brass concert on Saturday, February 10th. Guest soloist will be Derek Lance, trumpet player in the famed West Point Military Academy band and member of the New York Staff Band. Peterborough SA Band will...
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    British Bandsman

    I was just looking at the international subscription prices for the British Bandman and am not sure why it needs to be 115 GBP ($250 CDN) to get a subscription. Certainly with today's technology there must be an easier way to get a copy i.e. online subscriptions that allow you to log in and...
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    Sold/Expired Pachelbel's Canon in D - Quintet Music Needed

    I need to purchase a brass quintet version of Pachelbel's Canon in D for an upcoming wedding. Don't feel like spending the money to buy the fancy Canadian Brass version for a 2 minute performance for a crowd that won't know a good arrangement from a bad one. Does anybody have a version for...
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    Andrew Justice in Canada

    For any Canadians on the board, Andrew Justice (principal trom of the ISB) will be performing in two concerts this weekend in south-western Ontario. On Saturday night, Andrew will join Impact Brass for a concert at the Guelph Salvation Army. They will be joined by some additional trombone...
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    Canadian Staff Band needs B/M

    Kevin Hayward, the 4th bandmaster of the CSB is finishing with the band at the end of the season. He has been plagued by heart problems requiring several hospitalizations over the last six months. It will be interesting to see who is appointed as his replacement. It should give a fair...
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    Brass music downloads

    Having recently delved into the digital audio player market, I was wondering if there are any specific sites that where you can pay a nominal per track fee to download brass band music. I have checked all the common sites like Napster etc., but try and find some brass band music and you are...
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    Sold/Expired Rath Mouthpiece Wanted

    Anybody have a used Rath L4 1/2 or L5 mouthpiece that they want to get rid of? It is hard to get a hold of them to try here in Canada (only distributor is in the boonies in Edmonton), so buying a used model is less risky. Thanks, Craig
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    Canadian Brass Day

    For anyone interested in a decent brass day, come to Mountain Citadel in Hamilton on Saturday, Feburary 5th. The day is based around a visit by the Canadian Staff Band with guest Julliard trumpeter Derek Lance. Things will start off at 1:00pm with a massed warm-up/play along. Everyone is...
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    Sold/Expired 1992 Europeans (Cardiff) - Five Blooms

    I am looking to buy a copy of the CD from the 1992 championships with the winning performance of "Five Blooms in a Welsh Garden" on it. Anyone able to help me out?
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    Four Troms - YBS @ the Europeans

    My brother-in-law came over to the house last night with his new CD of the European Championships in Glasgow and we had a good listen to some new music and some great playing. Fantastic stuff! It caught my eye that in the picture of YBS on stage in the CD insert they had four trombones. Now 4...
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    Steadman-Allen "Mid-Century Concerto for Cornet"

    All the emails about Keith Hutchinson on this forum reminded me of hearing him play Steadman-Allen's "Mid-Century Concerto for Cornet" with Enfield Citadel Band at Toronto's Roy Thomson Hall back in 1986. I seem to recall as a 15 year old bandsman at the time that this piece was quite different...
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    Canadian Staff Band Live on Radio (& Internet)

    For anyone interested, The Canadian Staff Band's 35th Anniversary concert was recorded live and will be the main concert on CBC Radio Two on July 1st (Canada Day!!!!) at 1:06 pm EST. I believe that is 6:06 GMT. You can listen on the internet at by clicking on the...
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    Sold/Expired Trombone Trade

    I have a Yamaha 682G professional trombone (.547 bore) that was originaly a Bb/F horn but has been customized so that it can be just a straight horn. (Conversion was done by Ted Sparks in Toronto - same gent who makes the cornet mouthpieces). It is 14 years old but in excellent shape. I am...
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    Trombone Myths - 1812 mute shooting

    I am sure many of you have heard the infamous story/urban legend of the South American trombone player who tried to lighten things up in the 1812 overture by shooting his mute out of his bell via a firecracker and the havoc that subsequently ensued. Discovery Channel in North america has a...
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    Sold/Expired Conn 8H Wanted

    I am trying to get my hands on a used Conn 8H trombone. It does not have to be an Elkhart. I am looking to pay about $1000 Canadian, so it may be easiest if you are located in North America. I would also look at purchasing from the UK if the price was right. If you want to send me an...
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    ISB in Canada

    For anyone in Canada who is interested, the ISB will be in Toronto this weekend. Major concert will be Saturday night at the Main Hall of the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Great venue for a great band. Tickets are available from Ticketmaster. If anyone needs more details on the Canadian...