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    Percussionist- West Yorkshire

    Hi there, I am a percussionist who has just moved to the Leeds area, not looking for regular commitment to a band, but very willing to dep. Ex Principal Percussionist of The National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain, National Childrens Brass Band of Great Britain and European Youth...
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    percussionist looking for a band in the huddersfield area

    right, as the title suggests really. im moving to huddersfield for uni, so will be located in huddersfield during term time.. ideally, id prefer champs or first section, but am willing to consider other sections too. ill make it clear here, i am NOT a drum kit player, although i can bash a few...
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    Is a pastry a cake?

    ok, me and my twin brother think that a pastry isnt a cake.. and my mum and dad think a pastry is a cake. my side of the argument is... that a pie is made of pastry (eg a cherry pie, not a meat n potato pie) but you wouldnt call a pie a cake! a cake is a cake, you wouldnt expect a danish...
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    Rainford Band, North West

    Rainford Band (2nd section locally), are looking for a euph player and cornet players to fill up some vacancies. all players are very welcome though. rehearsals are tuesday and thursday nights, about 10mins drive from st helens town centre. if you could pm me if you are interested and ill...
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    hi everyone! if you hadnt guessed im drummergurl (aka Sarah) :biggrin: im currently on my jollies about 5000 miles away from home :frown: BUT im having lots of fun.. so its all good :D im a percussionist (as if it wasnt exactly obvious from my name :rolleyes: ) and i play with St...
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    i now know...

    what mike lyons has been upto!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: i didnt think he had it in him :eek: :rolleyes:
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    a speech by moi

    weeeeell what to say?!?! this is my 5000th post.. and what a week to hit 5000 posts!!! i have a couple of things to celebrate, im sure some of you lovely people will have seen a thread i posted a couple of days ago proclaiming how fantastic i feel after handing in english coursework.. and...
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    i feel like sharing this with everyone...

    today is a great day!!!! i am in such a fantastic mood i just have to share it with you all!!! today, i handed in my english coursework (and if you know me, you will know that my coursework has been stressin me out quite alot)... well, over the weekend i slogged hard doing my english...
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    charity wristbands... are they really that charitable???

    just been chatting with dawn on this. all the bands that are around, the livestrong ones, beat the bullies, those sort of ones, the ones that EVERYONE is wearing, are people wearing them because they feel it is a worthy cause? or are people just wearing them for the image. im not trying to...
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    Results- Nembba

    righty, just had a phone call from vickitorious... she says.. (placing, points, band) 4th section 1- 179 matlock 2- 176 bestwood 3- 174 prentham 3rd section 1- 180 leictershire co op 2- 179 long eaton 3- 177 bakewell 2nd section 1-187 silk 2-186 carlton 3-184 shirebrook...
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    msn messin up

    is anyone else havin probs 2nite? i was signed in but it randomly signed me out, now i cant sign back in... so can i just apologise to people i was talking to, its not my fault!!! :confused:
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    ok im about to sound really old and sad... but... this morning on my way to the percussion day i saw 2 foxes in a field and it looked like one was waiting for the other... so in a conversation between me and my mum in the car just after id seen them and i began to wonder if foxes go...
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    RNCM percussion day

    ok its on sunday 30th january 2005, and im goin, i was wondering if any of you tmp lot are goin?
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    my speech

    wel this apparently is post 3000 by me! official a boc (i prefer byc tho... dont like being old) anywayz, i was gunna say something randomly important, but i forgot what it would be. but i would like to say thank you to john and all the loverly mods, you guys do a stunnin job and tmp...
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    happy birthday to...

    SUPER_SOP 36 today it says!!! :woo :metal: :clap: :hammer :bounce :guiness may u drink lots, party lots, and most of all have fun! (stay safe tho :rolleyes: )
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    what is the worst present you have ever recieved?

    ok basically.... my mum got a house number for christmas from my dad! and she has been asking around her work to see if anyone else has a worse present than she has... so i thought i would ask here ... whats peoples worst present?
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    Naruco says hi

    naomi has been txtn me, first one said the 2nd one said *see note *note... this one has been edited slightly so u dont see all of the message, coz it is irrelevant to this topic. so a slightly tipsy naomi says hi! (thats my job done!)
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    the amazing toad rescue mission!!!!

    (copied straight from msn conv with vickitorious) well slightly edited for easy reading nice people in tmp land... we have ourselves a hero... and an amzingly funny story!!! i was laughin for like 5mins when i was being told this story
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    my 2000th post speech

    yep i only just realised when i saw i was on 2004 posts.... cheers guys :D
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    Happy Birthday Aimee_euph

    aimees special birfday! ok people... u might have seen that its aimee_euphs 18th 2day! if i had an embarrasing picture i would post it... but i dont anyhoo... HAPPY BIRFDAY!