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    URGENT: Who was the "official" band photographer for the 1st Section at Butlins 2012

    Heyup, I urgently (today) need to contact the "official" band photographer from the First Section at Butlins this year anyone know who it was? Thanks Mic
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    Tenor Horn and Solo Cornet urgently required this weekend (Leeds, W. Yorks)

    Tenor Horn and Solo Cornet urgently required for 2 concerts this weekend in Otley (Poppy Appeal concert on Saturday night) and Morley Town Hall (Sunday afternoon)! Drighlington Band are in need of deps for the two jobs above (due to ill health), if you can help at all, for either or both...
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    Four new signings at Drighlington

    Drighlington Band are very pleased to announce not one, but four new signings to the band in a very short period. Adam Turner takes the reigns on Solo Euphonium, ably assisted by our own Paul Barrett who has kindly offered to move to Second Euph. Adam has a wealth of experience at the highest...
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    New Euphonium signing at Drighlington

    The band are very pleased to announce the signing of a talented Euphonium player, Adam Turner. Following the moves from Euphonium, to cover our Bass bench, of Mark Tweedle and Mic Tyler (Eb and Bb Bass respectively), we have been searching for a suitable replacement to join Paul Barrett on...
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    Horns (in particular) required for Durham Miners - Everyone welcome

    Next week is Durham Miners Gala (the second greatest show on earth after Whit Friday)! Drighlington are looking for Tenor Horns to help us out supporting our host Lodge, Greenside. However the more the merrier (we have plenty of spaces available around the band) so if you play anything else...
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    URGENT Flugel Player required this afternoon in Leeds! Sunday 26th June

    Due to unexpected last minute work commitments, Drighlington Band are urgently seeking a Flugel Horn player for a park concert in Western Flatts Park, Wortley at 2:30pm this afternoon. If ANYONE can step in at the last moment and help us out we would be most grateful! Please ring/txt me on...
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    Solo Horn required for day out in Filey, Sunday 5th June

    Drighlington Band urgently require a Solo Horn for a full day in Filey, THIS Sunday (5th June), traveling by coach from Leeds area. Anyone up for a good, fun, day out on the Yorkshire coast?! Sorry for the short notice, this is due to last minute illness. Please email me at...
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    Bb Bass Solo recommendations (no cheese please)

    Ok, So I am on the move again! This stop, Bb Bass (boy I'm going to regret this at March Contests and Durham! :$). So, I am on the look out for decent Bb Bass solos, preferably without the usual cheese that seems to be the norm for Bass players. Thankfully the Baadsvick version of...
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    Rep, Horn and Bb Bass required on Saturday 7th May for concert in Bramley (Leeds)

    Drighlington require a Repiano, Tenor Horn and Bb Bass for a concert on Saturday night (7th May) in Bramley (Leeds).. Anyone able to help me out please?
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    Needed urgently Sop & Solo Horn parts for Londonderry Air (Gordon Colman arrangement)

    Hi, Sorry for requesting 'copies' but we urgently need parts for Sop & Solo Horn of the Colman arrangement of Londonderry Air for Thursdays rehearsal and Saturdays concert (ours have gone "walk about" in the last few weeks - grr, frustrated librarian mode). We won't be able to get new parts...
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    Scratch Band Invite - 3 day Charity Beer Festival in Bradford, Royal Wedding Weekend

    Looking for something to do over the Royal Wedding Weekend? The Spotted Cow in Drighlington (between Leeds & Bradford, J27 M62) are holding a 3-day Beer Festival over the Royal Wedding Weekend. There will be over 40 Real Ales, Ciders and Lagers on tap over the weekend. All proceeds from...
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    Urgent: Front Row Cornet required for this afternoon @ Harrogate Flower Show

    Sorry for the extremely late request all, but due to the last minute withdrawal of a pre-arranged dep (due to illness), Drighlington are urgently seeking a front row cornet player for an outside concert at the Harrogate International Flower Show this afternoon! The concert starts at 1:30 till...
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    Looking for The Servant King and Ride On Ride On in Majesty

    Quick request.. Our Youth Band has been requested to play at the local Parish Church for the Palm Sunday service again this year and we have been asked to accompany these two songs/hymns. The Servant King (Graham Kendrick) and Ride On, Ride On in Majesty (Winchester New??) Anyone...
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    Renaming threads in Recruitment Area

    Whilst I understand the policy for recycling a thread for bands advertising in the Recruitment forum, could we make it possible for the thread to use the latest title please? In the mean time, would a lovely mod type person be able to rename the following thread with the latest posts title...
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    Comprehensive list of UK brass band contests for 2011?

    Having a look around the net, there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive list of forthcoming contests for 2011?! Does anyone have one compiled or know of a source (brassbandresults lists contests but not with any details for this year and 4br are ****, as usual)? Feel free to recommend on...
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    Anyone able to hire an EEb Tuba for a couple of weeks to musician in Leeds?

    I have just received an email, through our band website, from a Composer/Musician in Leeds who is in need of hiring an EEb Tuba for a couple of weeks (the instrument not the player) for a forth coming recording project. Unfortunately we are not in a position to be able to help him out but I...
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    Bradford Postmen's Band (c. 1899)

    Just found some music in our Library's dark corner from 1899 stamped as belonging to Bradford Postmen's Band. A lot of our older library collection is inherited from the, now no more, Bradford Victoria Band so I presume BVB formed out of the Bradford Postmen's Band.
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    Historical emphasising of British pride in Instrument Manufacture (Boosey in 1899)

    I'm currently working on our band library (in the dark and dusty section) and have found some amazing things hidden away in the yellow/brown music. At the back of the Selection "A Runaway Girl" arranged by J Ord Hume (dated (c)1899!!) and published by Boosey & Co. I found this statement...
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    Sad passing of Laurence Shipman (former Leeds Model Band)

    It is with some sadness I have to report the passing of Laurence Shipman, a retired cornet player and member of the former Leeds Model Band for a lengthy period sometime during the 50s/60s/70s (I never got an exact period from him). Laurence was a regular in the Spotted Cow pub at...
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    Drighlington Band Vacancies (Leeds/Bradford, West Yorkshire)

    Drighlington are now just looking for that one key player to complete our lineup for the Yorkshire Championship Section Areas! Principal Cornet! Can you help, or know someone who is able to step up to the challenge? If so please contact me ASAP either via PM, through our website...