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    What's the best trombone trio?

    blades of toledo is definitely the best ive done! always wanted to play it again!
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    New faces at Dobcross

    Dobcross Silver Band would like to welcome some new members to the band. Firstly Chris Hoyle, Frazer Hadfield and Scott Cooper have joined the band on front row. Kathryn Pickford joins the band on solo horn and Matthew Pickford has joined on solo euphonium. Dobcross would also like to welcome...
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    Is your band's website dull and boring? Is it too hard to update? adxba is a new IT company based in Warrington offering their services to you. The latest website which has been designed and hosted by adxba is the website of Dobcross Silver Band. The site is easy to update so the band...
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    May - Caption Competition 2008

    I knew I shouldn't have gone to the toilet, now I've broken the seal!! :oops:
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    Dobcross Silver Band

    I just think its a fake brown, someones been sat rubbing tea bags on them all to make them look old!!
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    Dobcross Silver Band

    Indeed it is, theres a much better version out there! (Although I have never actually seen it so no idea what the tunes are supposed to go like anyway!) Anyway back to the topic! Get to that concert!! (Although it may be a little far for you to go!) :tongue:
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    Dobcross Silver Band

    Dobcross Silver Band are hosting the Whit Friday presentation evening at the Dobcross Band Club. The concert includes a light and varied programme of music and the presentation of the prizes that were awarded at the Dobcross contest earlier this month. It is going to be a great concert and will...
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    Nominations : Web Site of the Month : May 2008

    I'm going to nominate :)
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    Should Each Region have its own Venues for Whit Friday

    i agree with you stephen!!! most people outside the saddleworth area dont realise how sore our feet are by the time we start the contests in the evening!! its a rather tiring march in the morning, and even more tiring when you are picked to play the hymns for the service in uppermill!! but i...
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    The 2008 North West Regrading debate

    Were Timperley regraded wrong when they moved from 3rd section to championship section? They sent in a list of players and got moved, same as Dobcross did. If they decided to let them move through the sections naturally (like many people suggested should happen to dobcross) then they would have...
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    The 2008 North West Regrading debate

    But then the band would not be competing at all until 2010 because the pieces are way too hard for them. The band, after alot of hard work, are now the right standard for the 3rd section test piece. The band would much rather have a go at competing with a piece they can work hard on and play...
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    Something to restore faithin the future of banding.

    ive just stumbled upon this one too which i have never seen before! sounds better than i remembered!! (sorry im not it-smart enough to work out how to put the actual video in my post!!)
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    Something to restore faithin the future of banding.

    lol wow i aint seen that video in aaaages! that be my old band! im on princ trom on the vid! theres a couple of great videos from last year here: - make sure you watch the whole thing!! and also...
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    The 2008 North West Regrading debate

    I didn't really want to get involved in this thread, but I feel now after following it I really should put forward MY point of view. I was part of the original Dobcross line up from 2004, and had a fantastic time in the championship section. One by one people gradually left and the seats were...
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    Brass band romances

    I met my boyfriend when I depped for a friend's band, although we didn't even speak at the concert, it was the above mentioned friend's birthday party a few days later and i bumped in to him then!! We have been together for over a year now and it gets better every day!!
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    February Caption Competition 2008

    When you said we were going to busk in Iceland I didn't think you meant this!!
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    How do you cope with performance anxiety?

    the thing thats worked for me is something i was taught in alexander technique lessons. you basically lie on your back before you perform (like in a warm up room) and put a book under your head if you have one. put your hands on your hips and your feet flat on the floor, in line with your hips...
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    Caption Competition - January 2008

    no wonder he looks chuffed, i would be too if i just played the cornet solo from william tell on a triangle.
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    What kind of trombone do you play?

    what kind of arm problems? i had an 88h too but i had awful pains in my wrist that spread down my arm to my elbow and i ended up really struggling to play. i had a wrist and elbow support from my physio, i got a hand support from raths and even an ergobone but nothing seemed to solve the...