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    Trombones? Trigger or Straight? What are your views?

    In my collection at home I have a new Shires with trigger, as well as a Conn 88H and and 8H. Both my Conn's have the thinwall bell (8HT and 88HTO). My definite preference is the 8HT for 1st trom in the brass band, even over the expensive Shires. Looking at getting a straight neck for the...
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    National Finals-when will there be a live stream?

    Looking forward to the streaming of Brass in Concert. Nice to see that some organizers get it!
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    National Finals-when will there be a live stream?

    I think they are missing out on some revenue generating opportunities by not streaming it live. Even if they just limited access to non-UK ISP's, I am sure they could draw some decent revenue by charging a small access fee. There are a lot of Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Europeans...
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    Green Carol Books

    The green books, which are actually called Caroller's Favourites, were published by the USA Eastern Territory and the arrangements were by Erik Leidzen. The great news is that they are not dead. In fact they have been revived better than ever. A euph part was added to the originals and then...
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    Beginner Brass Music

    In a couple of weeks time I am leading the "Beginner Band" at a music camp. Does anybody have any dead easy arrangements of anything I could use. Definitely want something that they would find interesting. Thanks! Craig
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    Changing of the guard... the Coldstream Guards Band playing 'THE RED SHIELD'!!!

    Who is the bass trom player? He's a beast!!
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    Sold/Expired Conn 8H or 88H Trombone Wanted

    I have an 8H bell for sale. It is five years old, and is a Thinwall version (8HT). I can send pics and I will be in England in March so I could bring it over. Hard Conn case would be included. Craig Canadian Staff Band
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    ISB to celebrate 120th anniversary

    Just announced at rehearsal last night - the Canadian Staff Band will be attending!!
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    ISB to celebrate 120th anniversary

    Here is hoping that the Canadian Staff Band makes it over. Then I can cross playing at RAH off my bucket list! Craig
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    Dudley Bright - Courtois Trombones

    Have just heard that Dudley Bright has been "recreating" the classic Conn Elkhart 88H with the folks from Courtois. Does anybody know anything more than that? Thanks!
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    Burry Port in the news

    This story actually made the National Post newspaper in Canada today. Probably the only thing they have ever written about a brass band!
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    Black Dyke Australian tour

    I must actually say that I have quite enjoyed watching them. I think there has been a good sense of humour in them and i take them as they are meant to be - light hearted glimpses of life on the road with one of the world's top bands. I will wholeheartedly support any effort by brass bands to...
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    Trombones - Medium & Medium/Large

    I am a believer in the top player using a .525 bore and the second trom using .547. I think it helps differentiate from the baritones without having to blow the snot out of volumes to get the required trom sound. On the Canadian Staff Band tour of Australia a few years back we had two .525s...
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    What kind of trombone do you play?

    I switched to Conn's about 5 or six years ago now when I was given one by the Canadian Staff Band to use. I liked it so much I went out and replaced my personal horns as well. Band horn: Conn 88H open wrap. SL4747 slide (3 leadpipes) Personal: Conn 88HT open wrap (T stands for Thinwall...
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    salvation army bands, young men and alcohol

    This is an interesting thread and I do appreciate the honest responses. Only one thing caught my attention and I don't want to question motives but your avatar indicates that you just joined today and this is your first ever posting. Not even a "hi, my name is _____ and I play in so and so...
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    Derek Lance at Blazing Brass in Hamilton

    Fair enough, I will give you that one. Will be good to hear the NYSB live again. (BTW - my wife makes me choose between band programs and golf!)
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    Derek Lance at Blazing Brass in Hamilton

    Just put your foot down John! He he.
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    British Bandsman

    Adobe PDF allows you to protect a document so that it cannot be printed or copied. For an example, check out the coupon offers on this website You can't print it, cut and paste, select text etc. All with software that is available for little cost and easy...
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    Derek Lance at Blazing Brass in Hamilton

    For anyone in Southern Ontario, Mountain Citadel in Hamilton will host its annual Blazing Brass concert on Saturday, February 10th. Guest soloist will be Derek Lance, trumpet player in the famed West Point Military Academy band and member of the New York Staff Band. Peterborough SA Band will...
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    British Bandsman

    I was just looking at the international subscription prices for the British Bandman and am not sure why it needs to be 115 GBP ($250 CDN) to get a subscription. Certainly with today's technology there must be an easier way to get a copy i.e. online subscriptions that allow you to log in and...