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    Bolsover 2012

    Why thank you :) we did try! Glad to know our efforts were appreciated!
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    Butlins 2013

    .. oh dear, Laura. Haha! I may put in an appearance.
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    News Timps

    Hi Calcium, I've had a quick search for you.. I've never played the Majestic's that you've been advised.. However, I do enjoy playing Majestic Timpani's. In terms of what I would have recommended, I would have said a pair of Adams Universal Fibreglass Timpani's, also in the sizes you...
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    Percussionist- West Yorkshire

    Hi there, I am a percussionist who has just moved to the Leeds area, not looking for regular commitment to a band, but very willing to dep. Ex Principal Percussionist of The National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain, National Childrens Brass Band of Great Britain and European Youth...
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    North West Regional Championships - 2010

    rumour on the grapevine has it that old hall will be allocated half of the maximum amount of points available
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    Tam Tam

    paiste is the better option in my opinion, though i'd opt for a 36" than anything smaller.
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    Brass at the Guild. Who's playing?

    seems like i could be seeing a few of you in said bar ;)
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    Buying Percussion - Where?

    i go for JAM percussion they're fab! also with their warehouse in liverpool, it's not all that far from menai bridge.
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    Butlins 2009

    see you there mate!;)
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    Excuses for bad playing

    the best one i ever heard for bad playing was this "i put the wrong valves down" not expecting this sudden honesty, the whole band fell about laughing.
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    Shock big-name departures at Grimethorpe

    i tink you should do some research! to my knowledge at least 2 of those bands mentioned are very wealthy and do pay their players, and have several hundreds of thousands of pounds in the bank.
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    Banding Ambitions

    yes i did do the concert in grimsby, though you are possibly confusing me with the little blonde one who may have done a xylophone solo (helter skelter i think) in that concert, i can't quite remember. i was the other sarah, though morgan apparently did get us confused one concert, and got our...
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    Why do bands put on concerts with solely arrangements?!

    if you look back to when brass bands were just starting, everything they played was arrangements.. and arrangements of music that was popular at the time, such as opera's and that type of stuff. what's the difference now? music that is popular, being arranged for brass bands... only...
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    Wilkinsons Contest - St Helens - Sunday 16th November

    interesting choice... at least one of them is already known for having his hearing going and the other is a few pennies short of a pound. ah well, good luck to all bands competing, and to rainford band who of course will be your lovely stewards for the day. sadly i'll be missing it this...
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    Banding Ambitions

    i guess in this respect i'm pretty lucky! a lot of things i'd have never dreamt that i'd achieve but i have! i've played at the RAH at the Championship section finals, at harrogate in the lower section finals, i've played the Masters, the british open, brass in concert, that one in preston...
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    Double Bass Bow

    i don't see what the problem is... all i see is that bands still have this closed minded approach to percussion. percussion is a more and more integral part of brass bands, and whether you like it or not, those who shall be playing said piece are going to have to shell out for a bass bow...
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    Forgot to take instrument to band practise

    a certain cornet player (who may or may not own up to this one) turned up for band with a car full of booze (to stock the bar in the bandroom) and having emptied said car, realised she'd left her cornet at home. some peoples priorities eh! ;)
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    English Nationals....

    or we all find lives outside of brass bands. but sadly that would mean this wouldn't be half as interesting, as there'd be hardly any of the drivel there is on here. and we'd find things to talk about that don't involve brass bands. sometimes i think people forget that it's just a competition...
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    English Nationals....

    wow, would love to meet this multitalented principal player who can play all the cornet parts at once! ;) :rolleyes: in an ethical and moral point of view, you play to your strengths, and if that means switching things round to aid your own band, then so be it! can't say i'm against it at...