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    NW Areas Result - What happened? #Regs2016

    Grezzer... Ashton were better than Fodens AND Wingates... Just sayin like.
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    Whit Friday Results?

    As you probably know Saz...your "Cuz" drafted in a mate of his because he had another engagement. I think it was a lad who used to play for Mossley in the 80's...5th cornet or sommat?...Either way he doesn't know his a**e from his elbow....believe me!
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    Paddy's Spring Festival - 2011 have a point...charlatans!
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    Paddy's Spring Festival - 2011

    Nob nose.... what a great adjudicator!..... When are we going to get some new blood?
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    Paddy's North-West Area - 2011

    Strange betting patterns?.... Judge with your ears, not your eyes!...(or the clapometer)
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    Pontins go into administration.

    Bah Humbug!
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    Pontins go into administration.

    Suppose all the knockers from last month will be happy now Dave. Another nail in the brass band coffin. what a great shame, sticky carpets, smelly chalets, **** beer, **** weather, **** catering, **** judges, **** pieces....**** everything!!!!..all for 14 quid a night!!... but i've enjoyed every...
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    Pontin 2010 Results?

    Flippin hec Donna, dead right i wern't there!!..Think i'm made of money!!..sorry, must have been full moon on Friday or Saturday night, always get my days mixed up me!
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    Pontin 2010 Results?

    Goodness Donna, you sound like a Butlins snob?....I'm not sure if you could have got a nights accom for less than 14 quid there but some of the lads from our band went last year and according to them it was a tad more expensive?.dont know, wasn't there? i do think however that your comments...
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    Pontin 2010 Results?

    Please read the post as it was intended mrs. I am in no way suggesting that the Pontins people were single handedley keeping bands from folding, as you are probably aware? I was merely stating my displeasure about moaning folk who want more for thier money and come on here knocking the place...
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    Pontin 2010 Results?

    Well said Matt. As you know i've been involved with every contest bar one which Ashton have done since reforming and this was the last. Theres been a hell of a lot of s**t written on here over the last few days so i've sat back and read with much humour...Firstly well done to the band, great...
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    North West Regional Championships - 2010

    Dinkum!....cheers dude. When you comin down? Tameside contest wk Sunady, you should come!! give me a bell.
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    Pontins 2009

    Tez Wag has them mate. Very predictable considering who was in the box.
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    Pontins 2009

    Pity they didn't do live comments Jason, bit risky for them i think? Dont know why? They do judge with their eyes & go off audience response so thats a safe bet anyway? Apparently the pillock said our performance "never came to life" & was " safety first"..Another cracker was ...wait for...
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    Celebration, BT Band

    That you Robbo?? Judging by the modesty it must be!!!! Actually theres loads of wrong notes by the Bass Trom...arr arr! Its the super sop playin you need to listen to!!
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    Thanks to the Ashton Band

    Could I recommend Mentadent P. A proven Plaque deterent & also good for gums! However, it does not prevent BBB (Brass Band Bull***t)
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    Thanks to the Ashton Band

    Actually I found it rather exciting when a player with such class decided to walk through our bandroom door and join our ranks! I've listened to many a flugel player over the years and our mr Columbo ranks right up with the best! Either on the contest stage or performing one of his fine...
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    Eb Bass available for Pontins 2009

    Hi Tony Are you still looking to play at Pontins? Phil Ashton band
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    North West Regional Championships - 2009

    Extremely nice comments indeed Jason! Ta very much! Hows the stick wagging soing? Good i hope & good luck with it. See you at Tameside if you're there. Cheers