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    Contest Piece Playing....

    I can't imagine torturing a concert audience with the tuneless wonders that seem to be the norm for test pieces today - then again they may have found Prague funny, I did!
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    Harrogate Nationals

    If this is correct then it's a complete disgrace, but just spare a thought for the poor sod on the door, trying to keep a few hundred slightly 'merry' brass banders from hearing the results....I actually think they're asking for trouble.
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    urgent - really need your help!!

    get it from a hardware shop - use it to wrap round radiator pipes and things like that that have slight leaks.
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    urgent - really need your help!!

    our solo cornet player has his instrument plugged in various places with ptfe tape if that helps...
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    King Of Elflands Daughter

    there's a nasty baritone solo? oh great........jerram.....
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    Band Buses

    Our best/worst moment was a driver quickly dubbed "Terry the ****" who flatly refused to empty the toilet collection tank on a trip to Italy because it would cost him money. Then again this was the same driver who caused £10k damage to the brand new bus when he claimed badgers had attacked the...
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    Band Buses

    Surely one of the most entertaining part of being a bander is the bus... But how many bands are too tight to get one with a loo for the journey back from a contest??
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    Where is your Band?

    Another for Yorkshire - wish we were somewhere else though, might have half a chance of winning something one day!
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    Prague - love it or loathe it???

    Prague is the sort of piece you just think is a wall of noise on first listening and as a result I know that a lot of people are telling friends/family/supporters not to bother paying to get in and listen = empty hall and full bar The other problem is that it's so boring to rehearse, most...
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    OK, Drighlington Marsden Stocksbridge Lindley Skelmanthorpe Sorry, did you say TOP 5??? :lol:
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    What band do you play for?

    Looks like I'm the second Drighlington Bandsman then - anyone for a quick Prague rehearsal?