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    3 Peaks Brass

    If somehow you have missed it, a brass band recently completed the National 3 Peaks Challenge in aid of the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society. 3 peaks : 3 pieces 30 Brass Players 25 miles walking 9,000ft climbing >100kg brass instruments For those that dont know what the challenge entails, it is...
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    Cancelled Area Contests?!?!

    If for whatever reason one of the area contests is cancelled, does anyone know what the contingency plan is? For example, if due to adverse weather / fire / H&S reasons a venue is unable to host the contest what happens next? Obviously rescheduling would be nigh on impossible due to bands...
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    Sold/Expired New Publisher - New works available NOW

    Hi tMpers, As of today, Arrange-it has been officially launched on the web. Arrange-it is a new arrangement / publishing business working across all genres and specialising in Brass Bands. The first 6 works are all for brass band and are available immediately. Please have a look through the...
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    CD Recording Trombone / Trumpet / Sax

    Hi all, An unsigned folk / rock band are recording a double A-side single on 27th / 28th October in Belper, just north of Derby. They are looking for a trombone, trumpet and sax player and can pay expenses (within reason). All the dots should be arranged by the time you get there. Anyone...
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    Sibelius Staff Sizing

    Does anyone have any experience of the most suitable staff sizing / formatting for brass band scores in Sibelius? I am rather 'anti portrait' as I hate turning the page every 8 bars when conducting so tend to favour landscape scores, but the only way to get all the detail in is to use tiny...
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    Conductor / Euph / Trom / Bass

    Hi all, Looking to get out and about a little bit but nothing to full time over the coming months. Played to the very highest level (B&R, Grimethorpe, Sellers full time) on pretty much any instrument horn down and a highly experienced concert and contest dep. Also available for...
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    'Beside The Seaside' - MUSIC REQUIRED

    Hi all, We have been requested to play I do like to be beside the seaside by a concert organiser and I have no idea if a decent arrangement even exists. Anyone got any ideas on where it may be or if anyone has a set we can borrow for a week please. Found one online as part of a book but...
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    Sold/Expired Euphonium / Trombone Mouthpiece Sale

    A few bits and bats being cleared out the bottom draw. All being listed going on ebay today for 7 days: Bach 4G Wick SM4 Schilke 51 Wick SM2 £30 each Here is my ebay items for sale LINK Steve
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    Rainford Band Launch New Website

    After several months of development Rainford Band have launched a new website. The band are eager to receive the feedback of 'banders' to see how the site compares to others and what developments you feel would enhance the site even further. This launch coincides...
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    Sold/Expired Rath R4F For Sale £1500 o.n.o

    I'm selling my Rath. As with all Rath's its a customised and after many, many trial set up's it was this one that Richard Brown and myself thought was the best when we were both at Grimey. I've been using it for the last year with B&R and its a great, great trombone. As I'm not playing it...
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    Sold/Expired WANTED - Bach 42 (ideally Bb/F)

    I am speculatively looking for a Bach 42 in any guise. Bb/F ideally but not overly worried if its a 42B / 42T / 42O. I have a good condition Conn 88h that I may consider a swap / part exchange with. If anyone has a Bach in good playing condition (cosmetics not overly important) then please...
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    Accompanist required

    I am looking for a pianist that can spend a couple of hours going over a solo with me to familiarise myself with the piano part. Ideally someone with experience of accompanying a brass soloist as I need to get a lot done quite quickly. If anyone on here is up for it the drop me a message or...
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    Sold/Expired bach 5g wanted

    Trying to get my hands on a Bach 5G large shank trombone mouthpiece on the cheap. If anyone has one that isnt too battered then please drop me a line either here or by PM.
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    Sold/Expired The unthinkable has happened!!!!

    Its a sad sad day!!! Well guys and gals, due to my seemingly permanent switch back to baritone following the move up north the beast is now up for sale. All very reasonable I think and if a tmper comes in with the right bid I will end the auction now. Shame, but it has to go. If you want to...
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    Instrument Shipping

    Hi guys, I have sold a euph to a chap in Canada and am wondering if anyone can recommend shipping companies that are reasonably priced / offer a decent service / offer sufficient compensation on non express services. Also, anyone know how much a euph weighs when in its case??? I haven't got...
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    Sold/Expired Sovereign Euph 1990 model for sale. Ex. cond Besson Sovereign euph for sale, 1990 model when they were still well crafted pieces of kit and it in excellent condition. Reluctant sale due to the owners relocation overseas (see the room to...
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    Sold/Expired Room for rent in Huddersfield

    Lage fully furnished double room to let in 2 bedroom house 10 minutes walk out of Huddersfield town centre. Primrose Hill/Newsome area, just at the back of uni. House is double glazed and fully furnished with modern decor throughout, the coolest most comfortable leather settee in UK banding...
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    Stars turn out to help Rainford raise money for Harrogate

    Championship Players from Fodens, Fairey, YBS, Pemberton Old, BT, Staffordshire, Alliance Brass, Sellers International and Young Ambassadors of Great Britain are coming together in a Virtuosi Brass Concert to help Rainford Band in their fund raising efforts for the Harrogate Finals in September...
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    Articulation Issue

    I need advice. I know the best advice is to get a teacher to look at it for me but I dont have the funds, motivation or practice routine to make it worth while. I have a major problem articulating notes on trombone, well not major, but jolly frustrating. Everything soft tongued is fine, but...
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    Sold/Expired Yamaha YSL681 / 682 trombone

    I may be after a bell section for a Yamaha YSL681b / YSL682b in the near future. This is the Bousfield model and I am after JUST a bell section. Ideally second hand and cheap as chips. If anyone has one / knows of one please let me know. Also, any experts on yamaha trombones that understands...