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    It's been a while.............

    Thought I might have a snoop around.
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    Liverpool Football Club

    Ouch! ;)
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    pieces for band and singer

    By Neil Diamond?
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    Research Project On Pedaling

    I am looking for a copy of a rare book called "A comprehensive evaluation of the theoretical mechanistic relationship between opportunistic pedal note indulgence, harmonic vibration in the cortical grey matter and madness" By Bob Sherunkle BA Hons (failed). Yellow Pages suggested I try here...
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    Can a top section band maintain playing standards without contests?

    He is still subjecting himself, for all of the good intentions that you mention above, to the same adjudication system he so eloquently berated only a few weeks ago. You have to agree it smacks of hypocrisy. Also, why have Silk picked a conductor who is not happy with the system. Can he really...
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    Liverpool Football Club

    Just as a matter of interest what makes a club massive? Number of trophies, average attendance, wealth of owners? As a comparison I looked at Spurs and Man City. Yes Man City have larger attendances and far more wealthy owners but have won half the trophies of Spurs.
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    Dereham Band, Norfolk. Player vacancies

    Hi Karen Always pleased to help if and when I can. To anyone reading this, having spent a fantatstic 18 months as MD of Dereham Band, I would recommend anyone thinking of joining to do so!
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    Newbie's Guide to Butlins

    Check with Ian Perks for what flavour the sausages will be!
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    Butlins 2011

    Cawston will be conducted by Leigh Sharpe
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    Liverpool Football Club

    Sheffield United
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    Liverpool Football Club

    Craig you are being silly now. You and I both know the KD Perksy is refering to. A man who is a legend in Liverpool A man who knows how important Liverpool FC is to the city of Liverpool Has masterminded success with a group of small stars Adept at financial wheeling and dealing. It can only...
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    Liverpool Football Club

    Sure is. Except there are even fewer teams behind you!
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    New band in E Anglia needed

    How far are you prepared to travel?
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    Liverpool Football Club

    Silence is golden...................bit like Wolves shirts really!
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    Moderators: how do they do that?

    I believe previous Head Mods have included Roger Daltrey and Paul Weller.
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    The best of 2010 for you

    Best things for me in 2010: The continuing improvement of my football team The continuing decline of Liverpool Football Club The amazing wasteage of turkey products
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    Christmas Day Working at all?

    I work in the Operations department for a coach holiday company and we have 75 tours out this Christmas! We always have somebody on call for clients and tour managers and this xmas its me!
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    250 Turkey Crowns Cancelled

    I believe he wrote the definitive book on it. Other books are available. Just a thought though, with the reduced wasteage this year, does that mean there will be a sausage shortage? Like Red Elvis, I fear I now may not sleep.
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    250 Turkey Crowns Cancelled

    Thanks for the update Ian. Has the recent death of Bernard Matthews had much effect on the turkey demand this Christmas? John Lennon & Elvis Presley saw a surge in sales after their deaths. As a leading Butchery Industry spokesman can you update us if the same has happened since Bernards death?