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    Vintage Boosey & Hawkes Regent Trombone

    A silver plated trombone with amazing tone and in great condition with just a few minor dings a few surface marks to the silver plate. Slide movement is silky smooth. This is a solid, highly sought-after instrument, finished in satin effect and built in the UK Includes hard case and mouthpiece.
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    Elkhart TB100 Trombone by Vincent Bach International

    A nice trombone in really good condition. Plays really well and slide is super smooth. Includes original lightweight case. Slight tarnish spots in a few places but only if looking really closely and doesn’t effect instrument sound at all. Good price for a quick sale.
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    Water from top of Euphonium 4th Valve ... HELP.

    Hi all. I recently purchased a 1989 Besson Sovereign Euphonium. It's in great condition, but the 4th valve constantly leaks water from the top (around the stem) whenever I lay down the instrument on it's side. I know it has a direct correlation to needing to empty the main water key but I've...
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    Back to the days of my Euph....

    Hi there. I've just returned to euphonium playing after a 20+ year break. I learned to play on a lovely Boosey & Co Imperial (c.1917), and have been hoping to get a similar instrument on a tight budget. Amazingly, I have managed to purchase a gorgeous a Besson Sovereign 967 (1989) at a steal...
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    Wanted: Case for 1989 Besson 967 Euphonium

    Follow up question: Does anyone know if a Besson sovereign 967 will fit in a John Packer hard euphonium case? John Packer Euphonium Case Currently my options are between one of these and a Fazley PE-SB100 case from Bax Music. Fazley PE-SB100 piston euphonium case for sale | Bax Music Does...
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    Wanted: Case for 1989 Besson 967 Euphonium

    I just purchased an old Besson 967 which needs some TLC to get it functioning again, and also doesn't have a case. Does anyone have a Besson or similar case that would fit this instrument that they would be willing to part with? Alternatively, any thoughts on cheap solid cases that would fit...