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    Sherborne Town Band

    Sherborne Town Band are a friendly crowd based in Sherborne, near Yeovil. We have our own bandroom and rehearse monday and fridays nights, 7.45 - 9.45. We are looking for a Soprano cornet and a solo Cornet player to complete our ranks ready for 2008. The band is very committed to its future...
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    Sherborne Town Band

    just to add a little bit to the advert. we are also looking for a couple of strong Cornet players for our front row. One of our guys is going back to Uni (wants a PHD!!! - Brainy) and the other one is a teacher and has sadly had to leave the vband due to work commitments. If you are...
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    Sherborne Town Band

    Sherborne Town Band - what can we offer? Sherborne Town Band are a friendly Championship Section Band (1st Section Jan 2008 - dont ask!!!) based near Yeovil, Somerset. We have our own bandroom and rehearse on Mondays and Wednesday nights, 7.45 - 9.45. Then we go down the Pub!!!!! We have...
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    Players for the area and beyond !

    The Stalybridge Band are looking for good quality players for the area contest and beyond. This 1st section band currently has vacancies for Euphs, Horns and cornets but anyone interested may apply. If you fit the bill and want to progress, please contact the bands MD Stephen Rogers on 07989...
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    Anyone coming to Salford?

    ive left.....ha ha ha!!!!!!!! To all u new comers - if DK says youre s**t, take it as a compliment - he really means ure ok? I think......... Hope u all have a good time, its a good uni. Enjoy freshers week - Discover SCUBAR on Oxford Rd and take the p*** out of the RNCM students. As...
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    Regionals 2005 test piece rumours!

    also heard 'prague 2' might be a possibility, just prague backwards - prob makes more sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Regionals 2005 test piece rumours!

    Areas test piece I heard a rumour from a very secure source.....variations on 'F & G march'. CRACKIN!!!!
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    Flugel dep..

    Flugel player willing to dep if required. Champ Section, Yorkshire and Manchester areas. Good sight reader. Also conducts... Contact: Steve Rogers 07989 501110
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    JULY Caption Competition

    Have no fear 'Band Aid' is hear! Can you point me in the direction of 'Fairies' bandroom.....
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    Degree results

    Congratulations to all those salford uni banders who got their degree results yesterday. I have now got the worst hangover possible and dont feel too good after the vindaloo last night!!!!!!!! im gonna work in tesco's for the rest of my life now i think. well done Natsumi for the...
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    Extremely Disappointing Brighouse an Rastrick Concert!!!

    no comment........well perhaps one. Aubade...tweet tweet !!!!!!!!!!
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    this site

    is this site sponsored by YBS. cus they seemed to get mentioned alot! zzzz zzz zz z.........
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    best triangle player !

    This one is sure to swell a few heads. So who is thebest traingle player at the moment? you must take into consideration the technical demands and tonal quality of the instrument and who plays it the best. mmm???
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    Cleaning out your instrument

    How often do you clean yours? I had an interesting experience with a uni mates cornet. no rude comments please. I dont think the person in mention has ever cleaned it out - Miss L. Can you tell i'm bored, am supposed to be doin a brass band history essay for uni (deadline Monday) and ive got...
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    Europeans 2004 - congratulations to YBS (again)!

    Well done YBS - again.............big yawn......... Sounds like Cory were stuffed up again - hard luck guys. Please will someone else win next year. PERHAPS ybs should not be invited back next year, give someone else a chance..............
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    Another FIRE alarm during perfomance

    yep...the one and only.
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    Bad band haircuts

    Thought this one might be a larf. Know of any really dodgy haircuts. precontest ones or others. Mullets seem to be back in the Salford Area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    West of Eng. Champ section Results

    points at sw areas Come u really think Mount Charles were better than YBS. Does it matter if they got 198, 199 or 200 points. God its only placing. Its up to the bloke in the box, he only uses it as a tool to get to the placing results. Good on em, congrats on winning the Area...
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    Another FIRE alarm during perfomance

    fire alarm As a past member of Bendix Kingswood band i feel extremely sorry and gutted for them. They have put in alot of hard work over the past three years to get promoted back to the 1st section and it will feel like a kick in the knackers (pardon the expression) if they get demoted. The...
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    Yorkshire - Championship

    I felt i just had to get in on this subject, its been quite interesting reading all the funny and catty comments about this relegation stuff. Would it really matter on what terms bands were promoted and relegated, whichever way it is done some people will always moan because belive it or not -...