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    Land O Burns Contest 2008

    Results?? Any results yet?? I wasn't able to stay....
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    word association

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    Football Manager 2005 Question??

    And remember you get better results if you play the players with the highest rating. A defence and goalie which are all above 7.00 is pretty good.
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    Football Manager 2005 Question??

    Cheers Bud, Aberdeen are winning the SPL!!
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    Football Manager 2005 Question??

    Player Search Guys, where in he11s name do I find Player Search??? I want some free transfers but can't find the easy way of doing it?
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    What do you think of the area pieces?

    Never realised that the Flugel covered, as ours wasn't there. Are all 3 horns + the flugel playing this?
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    What do you think of the area pieces?

    Rienzi Just had our first run through and practice of Rienzi last night. That is one hard blow after the christmas break! As a horn player I'm not too keen on the pp soli at the start of the piece, or the dbl tongueing chromatics at K, but I'm sure these will slowly start to come round...
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    Rooney vs Ronaldo - Who'll come out on top?

    I think Rooney will find it very difficult 2moro, as I think he's gonna be man marked. As the previous 2 posts have said, he might loose his head and get at least a yellow, if not a red to match the strip!
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    The person before...

    Looks like a muppet - No Offence
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    T In The Park Tickets

    Hey folks, I am still looking for a Weekend Camping T In The Park ticket. Any one have any for sale. I think my pal would be willing to pay up to a hundred squid for it. Cheers for any help, Stuart
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    T In The Park Tickets

    Anybody got any tickets yet??
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    T In The Park Tickets

    Yep, thats why I'm trying good old honest banders!?!?
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    T In The Park Tickets

    Hi, Does anyone in the North East of Scotland have a Weekend Camping Ticket for T In The Park, that they are willing to sell? I'd appreciate it, Stuart
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    How Did You Do?

    Biggest cheer of the day I'd say. I don't think anyone else was trying!! :lol: :lol:
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    TMPers for Scottish Championships

    I say a huge well done to Bon-Accord Silver! We played fantastically on the day, and well deserved our 6th place. Just need to scrape together some coppers for the Open now!!
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    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't get top A's.

    Just to change topic slightly. It's pitching G#'s for me. This has only came too light while playing Tristan. Will the same techniques help this?
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    Greatest Current Solo Euphonium Player

    Keep an eye on an up and coming Euphonium player, who'll be playing in the finals of the BBC Young brass Soloist Competition. Technically Brilliant, and not too bad a sound either! :wink: :wink:
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    The Piper O' Dundee

    Ha Ha, Maybe I'll pass it on to our Solo Horn!!
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    The Piper O' Dundee

    Just bought 'The Piper O' Dundee' horn solo. Superb!! One problem though, a ****** impossible bar halfway down the first page! Anyone else bought it yet?? What do you all think of it? Please do not try to outfox the bleeper. Mod