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    Where have all the Bb bass players gone?

    As his other half I miss the BBb as well it's case was smaller than the one for his current EEb, it's squeezing out my percussion!
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    scaba Autumn Contest 2011

    Wantage Youth Band played Anglian Dances by Alan Fernie and Wantage B played The Once and Future King.
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    Having just come across this thread I would like to say as a tuned percussionist rather than a kit player I know what to expect when playing with my band and accept that sometimes I will rush around like a mad thing and other times I will end up reading a book for most of the practise. But as...
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    Is tMP's time passing?

    Ian and Tim, I don't post much on here, much more of a reader than a poster, but one thing I would say is that although some of the threads come round many times its always interesting to see the opinions of people who have been on here a long time. I think that newbies in particular...
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    How many of you brass people sing?

    He really does, that's great. I am also a percussionist who sings sometimes (not as well as yours) but I was a singer first having spent many years in all sorts of choirs. I also get roped in for singing at Christmas when we are playing out and about.
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    Over Censorship

    Jan I appreciate it is probably a pain for you to have old threads re-activated as a newer member of tmp I have found this thread very interesting. I must add that I think the mods are all brilliant and do a great job and don't often get enough thanks.:clap:
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    Naming Compositions

    Having listened to this march how about May Morning (unless htat's already been used)
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    West Midlands Association Contest 2008 (Leamington Spa)

    I think Burbage must have got 178 in 4th section as Wantage got 177 and we were 4th.
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    Areas 2009.

    Thank you kindly.:) Sue
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    Areas 2009.

    I don't know if this is the place to ask but where has the Fourth Section thread gone? Maybe I'm being blind but I can't see it. Thanks Sue
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    West Midlands Association Contest 2008 (Leamington Spa)

    Wantage Silver B Band will be there.
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    What about the hottest??

    My band spent the morning marching in Greenfield, the afternoon playing on a sports field and then played in the evening and it never got cool. The g&t;s went down without touching the sides!:p Sue Percussionist Wantage
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    Percussion provided

    We took our own glock aswell after last year. I just wish occasionally that brass players knew what it was like to wonder what your instrument was like and whether it worked like the ones you were used to. (Percussionist moan now over);-) Sue Tuned Percussion Wantage Silver B
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    Percussion provided

    Not being able to move the perc to where you wish is a terrible thing to do to a player.:( The timps were off this year especially the smallest one in the sports hall. Not a bad as last years glock though. Sueperc.
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    Finding a suitable band when i go to uni...?

    Don't forget many Unii's have active Music Societies (I know Oxford does) you could look at them on the websites. Superc Percussion Wantage 'B' band
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    Wettest Band Job

    Martin have you forgotten last year at Blenheim Palace when we ended up playing for a bridal party whilst they brushed the courtyard clear of water so the bride could get out! Sueperc:)
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    Should he stay or should he go?

    Get real. Civil List 2006 - £7.9 million Planned UK defence expenditure 2005-6 - £32.5 Billion. Just how many British troops would you "properly equip" (and God knows they do need to be better equipped) by tearing down the constitutional arrangements of the nation? Edited to say: MartinT...
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    Surely they must be sacred. Otherwise why the well-known cry: "Oh God! It's the basses again!"? ;) (Submitted by MartinT under a pseudo... siuedow... er... false name)
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    Official tMP West of England Regional 2007 thread

    Whoops wrong ID on the laptop!
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    What band do you play for?

    The name says it all. I'm Sue and I play percusion for Wantage B.