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    MP3 or CD accompaniments

    I have a solo engagement in the next few weeks. For a variety of reasons which I shan't go into here, I don't have an accompanist. Where can I buy MP3 accomps for some well known solos? (I'm an Eb Bass player) Thanks in anticipation.
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    Viva Birkinshaw

    Hi all, Need some background info on the above march urgently!! Any help gratefully received. Thanks Paul
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    Variations on "Maccabeus" (Kevin Norbury)

    I am thinking of doing this SA piece with my band at a test piece contest later in the year and wondered whether anyone who knows the piece would have any idea whether or not it would be viewed as a suitable test for a 1st section band. I have always liked the piece, think it's very...
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    Unison Kinneil Band in Concert

    Edinburgh Gorgie Salvation Army Corps presents UNISON KINNEIL BAND IN CONCERT (Conductor: Paul Drury) 6.30pm, Saturday 25 April, 2009 Gorgie SA Hall, 431 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh Tickets £4 (£3 concessions) available on the door Programme to feature music from Kinneil Band's newly...
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    Why do many marches start in the minor key?

    Here's a question that's been bothering me for a while. Having joined the ranks of contesting bands a few years ago coming from a SA background (still an active member if not currently an active bandsman) I have often wondered why it is that most of the traditional British contest marches...
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    Sold/Expired The Best of Brass Live

    Hi, The above CD release from Brass Band Willebroek was featured on Listen to the Band last Friday. Does anyone know where I can get it? been on Willebroek's website but no mention of it there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Ragtimes & Habaneras

    Hope I've got the spelling right! Is there a CD recording of the above piece? I can't seem to find one. Thanks
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    Brass In Concert

    Am I missing a thread or is everything quiet in this regard on tMP? Looking forward to this contest immensely. Lots to see and hear, new conductor at Grimey, appearances by Eikanger and also our Austrian friends (can't spell it!), new conductor at Reg Vardy (talk about leaving it late!)...
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    Inappropriate (yet funny) music?

    I've just come back from a concert we were doing tonight. It was in a Roman Catholic Church and we were sharing the bill with a choir. We (being an SA Band) had chosen a mixture of sacred and lighter music which included 'I will follow Him' from Sister Act. Imagine our surprise and embarrassment...
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    Composing/Arranging for bands - Teaching material

    I was away helping with a Salvation Army band at the weekend and I met a young guy who brought me some of his scores to look over. They were of a pretty decent standard for a starter and he was really keen for feedback and for help in his future efforts. I directed him to this website as a good...