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    Ebay - so tru!! Yer - we've all bought stuff we don't want!
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    Happy 18th Birthday Jo

    Hey -where was my invite to the party!! :cry: Getting old - Happy Birthday! :D
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    What's the best accent?

    Re: Need a little help for the stupid American You're not alone, there's a fair few accents between London and Cornwall :?
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    Who's the prettiest lady in banding?

    Was going to, but the fear of getting a slap from xxx xxxxxx put me off (even from a few hundred miles away)!
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    Whos going to bugle?

    :twisted: :lol: You're guaranteed a good day (weather permitting) - Bugle is the 'pits' literally, but the beers good (they get better the more you drink!). If you have your instrument with you you're more than welcome to join us for the march (crawl!) afterwards? And, if you up...
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    Is my avatar too camp?!

    Got to agree! And get your eyes of my Avatar :!: :lol:
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    Do you all have a full Bass Section ?

    We're lucky enough to have a full bass section - unfortunately they're full of crap :lol:
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    All I know is that I'm fed up playing the theme tunes to them :evil: :!: Tromgod insists we play 'Beauty and the Beast' but I think we've finaly managed to confine it to the library :!: :lol:
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    Do you believe in God?

    God....... who :?:
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    Bass Players That Practice

    I know our Bass players have a strict practise regime - they start with 'ump' and the move on to 'pah'. Don't think they've quite mastered it yet though!! :lol:
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    Something to sort out the backrow.........

    I thought it was - just taking the *iss really :!:
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    Something to sort out the backrow.........

    I assume you're refering to a previous post - if not................. :evil:
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    Something to sort out the backrow.........

    Don't you tell them but: We have an excellent back row. Our rep player used to play third man(lady in the looses sense of the word), second cornet played principal at the 2nd section area finals last year and top third played flugel at the finals- we're very lucky. Back row is sooooooooooo...
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    Staying on topic ..... :lol:
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    West of England - First Section Results

    Since our result at the areas, it looks like we're going to get promoted again - second section last year, first this year.... Championship next year. :shock: Looks like Rebel Tuba was right - there is a new band emerging :!: :lol: But unfortunatley for him, we're from Cornwall :lol:
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    Football quiz - for BOCs! ;-)

    You missed out 1902 - Sheffield United, Southampton 1953 - Blackpool, Bolton Wanderers (Also courtesy of Google-search)
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    Football quiz - for BOCs! ;-)

    1965 Leeds and Liverpool :?:
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    West of England - First Section Results

    I love the description of our flugal player :lol:
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    West of Eng. Champ section Results

    We know who he is now :twisted: Ha ha :lol:
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    Music for Lifeboat Launch

    You beat me to it :!: There's always the hymn - Will Your Anchor Hold :?: