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    Sop player seeks Whit Friday Band

    So I see your mellowing out was short-lived then Jon...? Was trynna describe you and your way with people yesterday and couldn't, I think I'll just point them towards this!
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    Brass at the Guild

    :clap: DAVE :clap:
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    Tuba for Pontins 2010, Ch section

    I can recommend him he's great at miming = no wrong notes! Bonus! He does have serious personal hygiene issues though and it can be uncomfortable sharing a room with him! PS - He has also recently been awarded 'most improved tuba player 2010'!
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    2009 "Unofficial" Awards: The Nominations So Far

    how don nnyou cvote btw? I vote Towse as funniest user, she threatened to violate me in withdraw my toilet-organs if I don;t
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    2009 "Unofficial" Awards: The Nominations So Far

    PS can I nominate Tubaloopy for sarcastic user award? Whether or not he's lke that on this forum I've no idea, but in real life he is truly the most sarcastic man i've ever met.
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    2009 "Unofficial" Awards: The Nominations So Far

    not that I'd want to disqualifiy myself from such a prestigious award, but I've been on here with the same username for about 5 years.
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    The Oldham Band (Lees) - Vacancies

    Really? I thought you knew everything?
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    Besses O' Th' Barn require...

    Besses o'th barn band, north west, second section Besses O'th Barn Band require the following players for the forthcoming contest season: Percussionist Tenor trombone We are fortunate enough to enjoy a degree of flexibility from existing players within the band so other instruments are...
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    Trombone/Rochdale,North West/Champ

    Donna accepts payment in other forms as well as money. So much so that she ASKS to dep for my band. Dirtbag.
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    Best insults to players from conductors

    We still get the same level of abuse even now!
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    Andy Baker can probably tell you - Anno Draconis I think his name is - I know he's arranged a piece for bagpipes and band in the past. PM him.
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    Shuttleworth College & Besses O'th Barn - joint concert. 23rd April

    Posted on behalf of Shuttleworth College: Shuttleworth College to host “Around the World” spectacular on 23rd April. In the first music event of its kind since its brand new State Of The Art College opened in September 2008, Shuttleworth College is delighted to announce an exciting concert...
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    Whit Friday 2009

    Also, is there a thread set up anywhere for players whose bands are not out on Whit Friday but would like to play for a band?
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    Whit Friday 2009

    Does this mean they are out again this year?
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    What defines a contest march?

    And CERTAINLY not from the repiano player...! :-p
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    Besses O' Th' Barn require...

    Update Percussionist now sorted for 9th May (Senior Trophy) but we would still welcome one to join us full time. Also still looking for a front row cornet to sign for this contest, preferably to stay with us until beyond. See contact details above if interested. Thanks :-)
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    Besses O' Th' Barn require...

    Positions Vacant We require players for the following positions: Front row cornet Percussion Healthy schedule of concerts and contests in the future. Interested? E-mail or call me on 07709 125159.