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    Sold/Expired Any baritone stuff for sale??

    Now then, Just wondered if anyone had a baritone practice mute, gig bag (preferably leather) or Denis Wick SM4(B) / Vincent Bach 4GS mouthpieces for sale? Please PM with details if you have as I would be very interested! :biggrin: cheese
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    Sorry for such a down-beat thread but I'm looking for anyone's advice on how people cope with clinical depression. A good friend has been diagnosed and on pills for sometime now but things seem to be getting worse rather than better. Has anyone out there experience depression and if so, how...
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    Bari Mouthpieces

    Warmer sound wanted.....anyone got any recomendations on the mouthpiece front?
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    Dundee Photos

    Anyone know if there are any official 'on stage' photos from Dundee at the weekend? I thought I spotted a guy hanging over the balcony taking them (at least I assumed he was a photographer cos I didn't think Eric Ball would drive average members of the audience to that sort of thing!) Might it...
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    Any Mr Men experts out there?

    I need to settle an arguement with the bloke sat opposite me... Was Mr Impossible one of the original Mr Men and if so, how can I prove it?! I distinctly remember Arthur Lowe narrating it on the TV cos, as far as I know, Mr Impossible was the only Mr Man with an American accent! I'm sure...
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    Pieces for band and choir - your ideas please

    Anyone got any tips for pieces for band and choir. I'm looking ahead to a Christmas concert and perhaps a couple of finale pieces for each half. The band parts can be as hard (fun to play more importantly!) as you like but the choir parts need to be fairly easy for them to even consider...
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    Help please....

    Anyone come across an arrangement of Hooked On Classics for band. I'm sure I've played it :oops: and have a feeling it was arranged by Alan Catherall. Any clues as to publisher, etc would be gratefully received. It's got to be better than Hootenanny and Instant Concert!!!!!!
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    Sold/Expired Valve Trombones

    Anyone out there know anything about valve trombones and who (if anyone) makes decent ones? Before I try and nick one off the wall in the local (only kiddin'!) I thought I'd try and find out a bit more. Any clues as to what key you can get them in or how much they cost would be gratefully...