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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    I reckon it should be Odin (Arthur Butterworth), a cracking piece which has never seen the light of day as a set piece (in the UK) since the nationals in 1989
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    How, what and how long should i practice for?

    Hi Arnie This is another Arnie who plays Bass trom I'm originally a drummer for many many years but wanted a challenge so picked up bass trom, I generally do the arban excersizes, but what i like to also do is play solo pieces, so at least I know the tunes and it helps with phrasing and...
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    Bugle Silver Band require Musical Director

    BUGLE SILVER BAND Due to retirement, Bugle Silver Band are looking to recruit a committed, talented Musical Director. The players are sociable and hard-working, and are excited to have been promoted to the 2nd Section for 2011. The successful candidate will need...
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    West of England Bandsmen's Festival 19th June 2010

    The Committee of the West of England Bandsmen’s Festival has announced details of its 2010 competition. The West Of England Bandsmen’s Festival in Bugle has been running since 1912 and has been held every year since, except for breaks when the two World Wars. Much has changed, but the...
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    Exmouth Brass Band Festival

    Excellent Exmouth Never been to this contest before but it is brilliant, especially as none contesting bands can go because of the "no registration" rule. Just thanks to Bodmin for letting me play with you on the day, it was fun, excellent result also.
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    If it had a doggy wet suit perhaps?
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    How much is that Doggy in the window?
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    Least Favourite piece?

    Choral and Rockout for me Nice tune (ish) but unbelievably pointless Drum Solo oh.... and All pieces with Drum Solo Cadenzas, another way for the composer/arranger to had a few more minutes to his fee maybe
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    refound enthusiasm for banding !

    Enthusiasm I had exactly the same problem playing Drums for 30 years ish for Champ bands in Yorkshire I changed instrument to Baritone and joined Bugle Silver band, which my wife plays for and I thoroughly enjoy it and have been there a couple of years. It's nice to have a new and different...
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    Traps A400 "flat" drums

    After trashing my car a few time carrying full size kits around I was considering an Traps A400 kit. I had a little try out on one of these kits a couple of months ago and was impressed at what I heard & saw. Does any drummer have experience of this make of kit as I was interested in purchasing...
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    West Of England Bandsman's Festival

    The Committee of the West of England Bandsmen’s Festival are pleased to announce news of the 2009 competition. The West Of England Bandsmen’s Festival has been running since 1912 when the Gramophone was in its infancy and wireless had not yet been invented. It was intended to be a one-off...
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    Cornwall Symphonic Brass Concert

    Csb Had a briliant night Graham, this is definately something special, and i'm glad i dusted off my sticks for this, can't wait for the next gig. Mark
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    Grimethorpe Offline

    Grimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band website is back up and runnung. There has been a problem with the renewal payments of the URL name. The site went down Christmas eve so nothing could be done, and it suddenly re-apeared this weekend Any way keep your eyes peeled for some "ahem" updates...
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    Pukeage at Spennymoor

    First rehearsal back last night after the ... ahem unpleasentness.... All but 2 of Grimethorpe (including supporters) had the bug.
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    Why Bach?!

    Well things would have been VERY different if he'd stuck to playing with his own org........................erm, best stop there
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    Why Bach?!

    And who can forget another man way ahead of his time and writing such a popular music notation program - Sibelius himself
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    Pukeage at Spennymoor

    Yup same here. Me and my Grimey drummer mate have it , and I hear half of Mount Charles have got it. This is not good Right i'm off back to bed.
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    Sold/Expired Grimethorpe History of Brass SPECIAL OFFER

    By the way If you have any queries concerning this offer please E-Mail the band direct at Thanks
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    Sold/Expired Grimethorpe History of Brass SPECIAL OFFER

    You will not find this offer anywhere else. History of Brass ("Golden Era" and "The Salvation Army Connection")for £ 6.00 each. Please note this is an offer in conjunction with other CD's available from the bands site and is exclusive of delivery, which is to be included at the bottom of...
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    What was no.1 when YOU were born?

    The Number 1 single was: The Tremeloes - "Silence Is Golden" The Number 1 album was: Original Soundtrack - "The Sound Of Music" and Me a Drummer in a band - Huh Go Figure