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    Is it me or does no one post here anymore?

    I'm not saying that this is the case, John, but it's entirely possible that things like furlough rules - if they indeed they were furloughed like a lot of my friends in live sound were - may have actively stopped them from being worked on.
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    Lockdown practice

    When my Dad commissioned the Horovitz concerto in the mid-ish 80s (having previously administrated the Gregson) the discussion about the premiere focussed around James...sadly Mr Horovitz was quite poorly around that time and the piece wasn't finished before my Dad died...but the premiere was...
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    Lockdown practice

    The Chandos recording? It's excellent - thank's for the reminder :)
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    Lockdown practice

    Awesome player. Sadly I only met him a couple of times...the first I was only about 6 when he premiered the Gregson concerto with Besses and again when he recorded it with them a few years later. James Gourlay has been doing some fun things over the last few months as well.
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    Lockdown practice

    With that in mind, have a "Steve Sykes does Herbert L Clarke".....Maid of the Mist.....
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    Stay at Home CD Concert

    Hi all, This link was shared yesterday throughout Facebook and Twitter, but I was asked by David Hoyle of Yorkshire Brass to put a 2h concert style programme together from our CD back catalogue. Although lots of the pieces will be familiar, there are a couple of 'unheard, recordings on...
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    There's a Howard Snell arrangement somewhere...I think it used to be self published through Hallamshire...though I think a lot of that went over to Kirklees....
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    Derek B Scott

    I suspect we may find out, John ;) TBF the main sales markets are likely still at concerts - certainly I'm spending some time filling 'holes' in band's catalogues where they're asked for certain things by their fee paying audiences. As you and Jim have both identified, however, they tend to be...
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    Derek B Scott

    Totally get that - I prefer tangible personally. The reason I was asking is that a couple or more of my clients are looking at moving into the download only model both as a cost saving exercise but also because of the diminished market....whether the latter is true or just a perception is yet...
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    Derek B Scott

    Do you buy in to the download model only, Jim, or do you still want physical products?
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    I was at the LP somewhere...
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    Acid Brass - Jeremy Deller on Desert Island Discs

    The gigs still are still happening...the recordings are still used periodically for either incidental or soundtrack music...the latest I was aware of was for The Great Pottery Showdown on the BBC a while back.
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    Roger Thorne

    Very sad news...I met Roger and then his band during a recording that came through these pages...they were happy days...RIP Roger, and condolences to his family and friends.
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    Brass Band Gems not Currently Available on CD

    Have you approached him directly with the idea, John?
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    CD's versus Download

    There are various things that change with MP3 compression, and the amount they change / become apparent is variable alongside the bit rate of the MP3 file. You don't need to put it through good equipment, really, just something where you can hear what's going on....the places where it's more...
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    "Pastime with Good Company" by Henry VIII -- Best Brass Band arrangment?

    It's more the avoidance of the top C fortissimo split fest that's not especially in keeping for me....
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    "Pastime with Good Company" by Henry VIII -- Best Brass Band arrangment?

    Have done plenty of times in rehearsals ;)
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    "Pastime with Good Company" by Henry VIII -- Best Brass Band arrangment?

    Personal opinion...I think the way the second half is scored...having got one in front of part of the 'rock' feel...I don't think rewriting the perx part will work....probably a different arrangement is required.
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    "Pastime with Good Company" by Henry VIII -- Best Brass Band arrangment?

    Depends on the style of arrangement you're looking for...the Roberts is probably the one I come across most turns into a 'rock' arrangement following the initial trio / quartet features...and it gets loud and lofty on the front row cornet parts so it's not for the fainthearted...
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    Um-Chucks - and getting simple stuff RIGHT

    Apologies for the 'snipping' but there are some, er, interesting 'snippets' in here from an alternative perspective. I listen to a lot of bands and individual players and one of the frequent comments from my producer - or me when I've got that hat on rather than just engineering - is how much...