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    Bugle Silver Band require Musical Director

    BUGLE SILVER BAND Due to retirement, Bugle Silver Band are looking to recruit a committed, talented Musical Director. The players are sociable and hard-working, and are excited to have been promoted to the 2nd Section for 2011. The successful candidate will need...
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    West of England Bandsmen's Festival 19th June 2010

    The Committee of the West of England Bandsmen’s Festival has announced details of its 2010 competition. The West Of England Bandsmen’s Festival in Bugle has been running since 1912 and has been held every year since, except for breaks when the two World Wars. Much has changed, but the...
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    How much is that Doggy in the window?
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    Traps A400 "flat" drums

    After trashing my car a few time carrying full size kits around I was considering an Traps A400 kit. I had a little try out on one of these kits a couple of months ago and was impressed at what I heard & saw. Does any drummer have experience of this make of kit as I was interested in purchasing...
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    West Of England Bandsman's Festival

    The Committee of the West of England Bandsmen’s Festival are pleased to announce news of the 2009 competition. The West Of England Bandsmen’s Festival has been running since 1912 when the Gramophone was in its infancy and wireless had not yet been invented. It was intended to be a one-off...
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    Sold/Expired Grimethorpe History of Brass SPECIAL OFFER

    You will not find this offer anywhere else. History of Brass ("Golden Era" and "The Salvation Army Connection")for £ 6.00 each. Please note this is an offer in conjunction with other CD's available from the bands site and is exclusive of delivery, which is to be included at the bottom of...
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    Yo Floral D&B Dance

    Top Tunes Muverflipper
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    another use for the worst instruments

    Oh My God Imagine if the trumpet was a Clarinet (although the trumpet is cool) a use would be found for Clarinets or maybe even trombone............hell fire the possibilites are endless.. there is a list of other stuff at the bottom of the page.
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    Sold/Expired Grimethorpe Bargain Basement Sale

    We have cleared out the bandrooms cupboards and have found a few bargains for you, Some are old sponsor items where others are bang up to date but just want to empty our cupboards. Vinyl records, playing cards, T shirts, Jackets - check out the page so you don't miss out. Click here to go...
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    Flugel Player Requires Band

    I have a friend who plays Flugel and would like to join a band in the Yorkshire / Lancashire Area. You can leave details on here, PM me or E-Mail me in confidence on and I will pass on the details. Thank You
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    You know you are a computer nerd when....

    Our lass asks how much I love her.. and I say More than the whole internet.. (Sadly this is true, I actually said it,,duhhh)
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    Grimethorpe Band require Repiano Player

    Repiano Cornet Player Required - The band are now auditioning for a first class Repiano Player and join the ranks of the cornet section. If you want to play the best capacity audience venues with the most experienced Conductors and take part in regular Tours across the globe (AUSTRALIA IN...
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    Sold/Expired New Grimethorpe CD - DON'T GET SUCKED IN BY THIS CON

    The is a CD being released by Phillips called "The Very Best of Grimethorpe Colliery UK Coal Band". This is a re-issue of a recording done in 1976 called Grimethorpe Colliery Band Plays Brass Favourites with "Those magnificent men in their flying machines" added as the first track. My Gripe...
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    Banding Representatives abroad????????????????

    Guess who?
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    For those long and lonely nights ------------------

    Have a go
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    Banding Oxymoron

    Oxymoron - A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist. cruel kindness. Wondering how many there are, My contrbution - Subtle Drummer Modest Principal Cornet Unison Horns - (My favourite) If...
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    Watch out you speeders - Drivers please read

    I have no reason to believe the following is false, but here goes. ALL DRIVERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE Subject: Speed cameras - new tactics Those new electronic signs on the M4 were switched on this Tuesday. The bad news is that they are rigged with the SPECS speed cameras. SPECS is a...
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    What is your main tipple

    Just wondered what gets you all wazzed.
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    Sold/Expired CD Wanted - Tour De Force - Ole Edvard Antonsen

    Tour de force - Ole Edvard Antonsen I am trying to bye the above titled CD. Ole Edvard Antonsen is a superb Norwegian Trumpet Player and this recording is brilliant (I had it on tape once, but lent it out and its lost). I have scoured the internet to no avail, but maybe some of you...
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    Which Section can I play for ????????

    Just a thought I had the other day, as you may guess from my name I am a drummer and play in a championship section band, which means I cannot play for any bands at contests in lower section (which is fair enough). BUT what if i wanted to play a brass instrument?? what section would I play...