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    who is the tallest?

    I was just wondering if some people could help me out. i was wondering who is the tallest person in brass banding in the area? also what instrument they played? also how difficult do tall people find it to sit in small uncomfortable chairs whilst playing?
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    Rhyl Festival of brass

    Does anyone know the times of the comp??? 3rd section in paticular. This is urgent so help asap please. thanks
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    If you like good fun wholsome games try these

    this is a great game with a penguin and a yeti FFFFUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN! Here is the fun sequal with Mines JOY!
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    Best programme for an entertainment contest

    I was just wondering what everybodys favourite entertainment programme is. Also what is your fav format for a entertainment contest do you like a march, up tempo piece, solo and big finisher??? Please any thoughts would be great!!!
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    The Finals In Dundee

    Hello to all you people here on the mouthpiece. This is my first post and I do not really want to get off on the wrong foot BUT the results in the finals were a bit off. Many people may say that i am being biased when writing this as I am the Solo Horn player for Phoenix West Midlands Brass. But...