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  1. Brian

    The Black Diamonds March

    HELP !!! I am M.D. of Bestwood Welfare "Black Diamonds" Welfare Band, for many years we have used the above march that was written for us by Thomas Tomlinson and arranged by Charles A Cooper; it was published by F.Richardson and Co. Sibsey. Boston; who were eventually was taken over by Wright &...
  2. Brian

    Moznil Brass

    Whilst at the Leicester Contest last month, there was a trade stand showing a dvd by Moznil Brass. Anybody know which company it was, or where I can get the dvd's by this group
  3. Brian

    Buxton Contest

    Any one have the results ?
  4. Brian

    Coda Finale 2003

    Anybody out there use Coda Finale 2003..I'm having some little problems, and my manual is in Thai / English, with the most part in Thai..Which if you don't read Thai can be a great problem on it's own.
  5. Brian

    Reply with quote

    When posting a reply , is it possible to get rid of the bits of the quote you don't want..Brian