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    Christmas Selections

    Whilst on christmas music I was just wondering if anyone knew if you could just buy the solo part to Barrie Gott's Trombone Solo Silent Night. as far as i know you have get the complete score. Ben x
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    Trombonist - Nottingham/Midlands

    Intrument: Trombone Location/Region: At the moment nottingham/midlands Name: Ben Williamson Contact Details: 07753764016 or Instrument(s) played: Trombone Grade: 8 Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: All How much notice do you...
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    hi i noticed your after a trombonist for sat, and then noticed you were from notts, i'm at notingham uni and free on sat if thats any help, i'm grade 8 done a load of youth band playin and quite a bit of 1st section deppin, my mobile number is 07753764016 or email me at...
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    Trombonist lookin for a home (Nottingham)

    hey leisa! :D how are you? i'm fine, yeah nottingham uni is good, not that many banders tho!but i'm sortin that out! i'm sure stockport is great without me!what you playin? any good pieces? i've only recently joined this site so i'm not a pro like you! i'll be back for aquinas and band...
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    Best brass band arrangement/transcription of orchestral work

    i think the best arrangers of orchestral pieces are howard snell and frank wright. my favourite pieces are snell: Pines of rome and procession to the minster wright (frank):Force of destiny (a monster piece!) and Roman Carnival Overture. however Rimmer's arrangement of Hungarian Rhapsody...
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    Class in Banding?

    i've only played with a youth band consistantly, however i have filled in for various section bands in concert and competition and i can say that it matters not what section, as each band i've helped have been great bunchs of lads and ladettes :wink: (lasses)and really only care about the pub...
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    Best flugel player?

    hey, for me its chuck mangione, the legend himself, but Nakariakov is also good. in the bands i think Fox and Doyle arent bad! Ben x
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    i think that when it comes to interpreting pieces David King is in a league of his own. however if i could choose who to play under the baton of, it would probably be Howard Snell. ben x
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    What's your favourite dynamic???

    as a trombone player i think you cant go wrong with a blast through a ff section to wake you up! however i occassionally find that some quiet passages are just as exhilerating! ben x
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    Best Trombone Player

    here's what i think... at the moment the best are brett baker and chris thomas. but i think andy king will be the best by far i the future. but what about richard edwards! a jazz legend!something to ponder!
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    Trombonist lookin for a home (Nottingham)

    hi, i'm new to this site so forgive me if i dont know the ins and outs of it all. basically i'm a 1st year student at nottingahm uni, looking for a band to join, i'll play solo or second trom, the only hitch is transport to the bandroom, it'll have to be accessible by bus as i dont have my...